evolution dracus

Evolution Dracus v1.1.68 UPDATE Orange Tree Sample (KONTAKT)

evolution dracus

Publisher : Orange Tree Sample
Website : Orange Tree Sample
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : 

Update for the Orange Tree Samples Library – evolution dracus. Right from the fiery core of the earth, you get the hottest 8 string virtual guitar library for metal and rock. Dracus covers a wide range of techniques and articulations, be it epic lead leads or gigantic four-part rhythmic tracks. The library of samples boasts a wide range of notes: from a shrill screech in the highest register to a monstrous rattle, far exceeding the standard capabilities of 6 string guitars. A powerful effects engine has many virtual stomp boxes, rack effects, amplifiers and guitar cabinets.

Key Features:

  • Quadruple tracking capability for multitracking purposes.
  • Unique pick position adjustability using our exclusive physical modeling technology.
  • Wide range of vibrato styles, including classic, rock, and metal vibrato with adjustable depth and speed. Vibrato can be assigned to MIDI CCs or aftertouch.
  • Flexible mapping system for customizing articulation triggers, allowing conditions like velocity ranges, MIDI CCs, latching/non-latching keyswitches, and more.
  • Integrated strum pattern editor for authentic guitar strumming experience.

Sampling Specifications:

  • Extensive collection of over 15,000 samples, recorded at 24-bit, 48kHz.
  • Diverse set of articulations, including sustains, palm mutes (half and full), mutes, squeals, tapping, natural harmonics, as well as special effects like chugs, scratches, string slaps, and more.
  • MIDI articulations for instant upward/downward grace notes, buzz trills, whole-step slides, whole-step hammer-ons, slides (velocity-based and tempo-synced), octaves, and powerchords.
  • Legato samples for slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs.
  • Articulations include 3 dynamics, 2 pick directions (when applicable), and 2x round-robin.
  • Independent pickup signals for adjustable pickup blend control.

Hailing from the fiery core of the earth comes the hottest virtual 8 string guitar library for metal and rock. Evolution Dracus covers a wide variety of techniques and articulations, whether it’s epic shredding leads or gigantic quadruple-tracked rhythm tracks. The sample library boasts an expansive note range, from piercing shrieks in the highest register to monstrous growls emanating far below a standard 6 string guitar’s capabilities.

Evolution Dracus’s robust effects engine features a myriad of virtual stompboxes, rack effects, amps, and guitar cabinets to select from. The library also includes a ton of factory presets for instantly usable clean, crunchy, and distorted tones. With 17 GB of sample content and well over 15,000 samples, this powerhouse electric guitar sample library covers palm mutes, pinch harmonics, tapping, legato articulations like hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, muted chugs, string scrapes, and much more.


Copy all files evolution dracus torrent and folders with distribution files and place them in the installed library with replacement.

Product Requirements

Available Disk Space

This product requires a total of 15.04 GB of free disk space in order to download and install the sample library. The total size of the download is 7.64 GB, and after installed the library occupies 7.4 GB.

Platform Version

Kontakt Player 5.5.2 (free)

Supported Interfaces

Stand-alone, AAX Native, VST, AU

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, or 10. Mac OS X 10.9 or newer.


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