Fabian Mazur – Vital Serum Presets Vol.3 by (Splice Sounds)

By | July 11, 2024

Fabian Mazur – Vital Serum Presets Vol.3 by (Splice Sounds)

Publisher: Splice Sounds
Website: splice.com/sounds/fabian-mazur-presents-elixir/vital-serum-presets-vol-3
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: From the author: “Today I finished the next Elixir pack, Vital Serum Presets. It includes 100 presets for SERUM designed by me. The main genres for presets are trap, dubstep, house, future bass and chill. However, I didn’t want the pack to be specifically focused on one genre and therefore decided not to associate the name of the pack with a specific genre.” – Fabian Mazur

Fabian Mazur – Vital Serum Presets Vol.3

Fabian Mazur’s “Vital Serum Presets Vol. 3” is a stunning addition to any music producer’s toolbox. Known for his innovative sound design and genre-blending style, Mazur continues to push the boundaries with this latest package. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this preset pack offers a wealth of creative possibilities.

Sound quality and variety

One of the most notable features of this preset pack is the exceptional sound quality. The presets are meticulously crafted, delivering rich, full-bodied sound that can make any track stand out. From deep, booming bass to soaring leads and intricate strums, the variety is impressive. This versatility makes the pack suitable for a wide range of genres, including EDM, Trap, Future Bass and Hip-Hop.

Easy to use

Mazur made sure these presets are user-friendly. They include assigned macros that allow for easy management and customization. This feature is especially useful for producers who want to tailor sounds to their specific needs without spending hours on sound design. Intuitive presentation and clear labeling further improve the user-friendliness of the packaging.

Innovation and creativity

Fabian Mazur – Vital Serum Presets Vol.3 showcases Mazur’s creative abilities. The sounds are fresh and modern, reflecting current trends while offering something unique. The balance between familiarity and innovation is what sets this package apart. It’s clear that a lot of thought and creativity has gone into each preset, making it a valuable resource for sparking new ideas and inspiration.

Compatibility and performance

The presets are designed for use with Xfer Records Serum, one of the most popular synths in the industry. They load quickly and work properly within the plugin, ensuring a smooth workflow. The pack also includes a number of modulation options that deliver dynamic, evolving sounds that can add depth and movement to your tracks.

Value for money

Considering the quality and variety of sound, “Fabian Mazur – Vital Serum Presets Vol.3” offers excellent value for money. A profitable investment for any producer wishing to broaden their sound palette and breathe new energy into their productions.

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