Fracture Sounds Toy Piano Download

Fracture Sounds Toy Piano Download (KONTAKT) – Audio Plugins

Publisher: Fracture Sounds
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Toy Piano

Fracture Sounds Toy Piano Download is played by hammers hitting metal rods (prongs), resulting in a unique bell-like sound. The instrument was placed close to the microphone in stereo, in a dry studio, allowing you to add as much reverb as you like.

What is Fracture Sounds Toy Piano

Fractured Sounds Toy Piano is a musical instrument that imitates the sound of a toy piano. It is a type of digital keyboard that can be played like a regular piano but produces the sound of a toy piano instead. The sound is created by synthesizing the unique tone and timbre of a toy piano, and it can be used in a variety of musical genres, including classical, pop, and electronic music.

Fracture Sounds Toy Piano Download

The original instrument has some natural tuning deviations due to its age. While this adds charm and authenticity, we know that everyone’s tastes are different, so by taking a sample of the instrument, we carefully optimized the tuning by note. To restore some of these natural tuning deviations, we’ve added a “broken tuning” wheel that lets you choose how the instrument sounds. Set to 0 for a modern/clear sound for fun kids music, or all the way to 100 for spooky Halloween music.

To further enhance the authenticity and realism of the instrument, we have captured the mechanical sounds of key releases. They can be typed using the Key Clicks control. This specialty instrument from Fracture Sounds has a great sounding, unique sample set. Those working on underscore and sounds design will find ARCO delivers new dimension of playable piano effects patches in an easy to use interface.


  • Traditional upright toy piano.
  • Deep sampled with up to 8 round-robins and release samples.
  • 3-octave playable range (extended from the 2-octave range of the original instrument).
  • Adjustable ‘atmosphere’ sound design layer.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • 150MB download size (NCW compressed from a 300MB sample pool).
  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or above.

In my journeys through the many worlds of piano libraries, I found some you experience rather than just play. Dulciano from Fracture Sounds takes a magnificent Steinway D and samples the performances of playing it with dulcimer hammers to capture a unique piano library experience. Fracture Sounds presents Dulciano in a very straightforward and user-friendly way.

Some main features to consider:

  • Multiple Sample Layers and up to 12 Round Robins
  • 3 Gorgeous Mic Positions (Close, Mid, Far)
  • The Mic Perspective Control that allows you further freedom to mix the environment
  • Requires the full version of Kontakt

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How to use Fracture Sounds Toy Piano:

The Fracture Sounds Toy Piano is a virtual instrument that can be used to create musical compositions. To use the instrument, you’ll need a device with a compatible digital audio workstation (DAW) software or music production software. Here are the basic steps to get started:
  1. Install the Fracture Sounds Toy Piano plugin on your device.
  2. Launch your DAW or music production software.
  3. Load the Fracture Sounds Toy Piano plugin into your DAW or music production software.
  4. Connect a MIDI controller or use your computer keyboard to play the virtual toy piano.
  5. Use the various controls and settings in the Fracture Sounds Toy Piano interface to customize the sound and behavior of the instrument.
  6. Start composing your music!

We’ve re-enabled the “Atmosphere Layer” specially designed for this instrument, which can be mixed with a raw toy piano to create an eerie atmosphere. The modulation wheel gives you control over the intensity of the layer, allowing you to control dynamics and add extra expressiveness. By popular demand, we’ve added the ability to solo the atmosphere layer so you can use Fracture Sounds Toy Piano Download as a pad in isolation or mix with other instruments.

Note: The specific steps and interface details may vary depending on the DAW or music production software you’re using. It may be helpful to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or online tutorials for more information on using the Fracture Sounds Toy Piano with your specific software.

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