iZotope – iZotope Music Production Suite Pro 2021.11 CE 2021 11

iZotope Presents Music Production Suite Pro v2021.11 CE 2021

iZotope – iZotope Music Production Suite Pro 2021.11 CE 2021 11
iZotope Music Production Suite Pro 2021.11 (x64)
File size: 908 MB​

iZotope Presents Music Production Suite Pro v2021 is the only audio plug-in subscription that uses AI-powered processing to give you a customized starting point for every step of the mix, from assigning reverb to adding the final mastering polish. With inter-plugin communication, your iZotope plug-ins listen to each other to detect masking between your tracks and vocals, help suggest level balance settings, and even let you mix your tracks in a visual space.

What’s Inside?

EQ for every occasion
Neutron’s surgical EQ helps you sculpt your tracks and remove masking. Nectar’s EQ tracks the harmonics of your vocal to let you create unique tones. Ozone’s EQ can work in Mid/Side for even more surgical flexibility.

Modern and vintage dynamics
Compress instruments in multiple bands with the four selectable modes in Nectar’s Compressor and in mid/side with Ozone’s Dynamics plug-in. Add classic punch and energy to vocals with Nectar Compressor’s four selectable modes.

Professional mastering tools
Keep your mixes competitive with Ozone’s Maximizer and Vintage Limiter, letting you quickly add loudness without sacrificing dynamics.

Innovative and modern DSP
Fix impossible mix problems with specialized tools like Spectral Shaper and Low-End Focus. Use target-based processing to easily add impact and clarity to your instruments with Neutron Sculptor.

Repair the perfect take
Save your takes from common audio issues like noise, clicks, and other artifacts with 10+ RX plug-ins for audio repair.

A set of plugins from iZotope Includes:

• Neutron Pro v3.8.0
• Ozone Pro v9.10.0
• RX Pro for Music v9.1.1
• Nectar Pro v3.6.1
• Melodyne v5.1.1
• Relay v1.2.0
• Visual Mixer v3.7.0
• Neoverb Pro v1.1.0
• Tonal Balance Control Pro v2.4.0
• VocalSynth Pro v2.4.0
• Insight Pro v2.2.0

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