kc supreme electrax bank free

KC Supreme Electrax – WavSupply Aventador Bank (SYNTH PRESET)

kc supreme electrax bank free

Publisher : WavSupply
Website : WavSupply
Format : SYNTH PRESET kc supreme electrax torrent
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :

50 Custom Presets for the ElectraX VST made by kc supreme electrax of Internet Money

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How To Make Beats From Scratch?

Kc Supreme Electrax:

This is KC supreme wavsupply all kits bundle with internet money. I am making a quick little beat making video for y’all just make it a beat from scratch I hope you all liked it leave a comment and leave a like below let me know what wavsupply drum you want me to do next as you can see below.
I now have its which banner I’m gonna be streaming live on Twitch all the time now making beats live doing giveaways giving away free kits just randomly every time I stream I just randomly pick some winners kc supreme electrax gives a free kits to from the audience and yeah just contests giveaways all that kind of good stuff.

Kc Supreme Cyanide (drum kit):

So make sure you follow or subscribe to me on there to keep in touch with that content now let’s get this video started I’m just going to be making a beat no general sense of what kind of beat, I’m just gonna let it come naturally so that being said let’s get it just gonna open some vsts that I use a lot probably gonna start kc supreme cyanide (drum kit) melody using electric X with one of my preset banks it’s called tonics.

Wave Supply:

You can get it at Wave supply net I’m just going to start off the melody with that so I’m gonna open a blank sampler channel I’m gonna go to minor natural which is Aeolian and I’m gonna make sure only one is turned off now I’m just gonna pick a random key let’s do G I’m just going to say here and click the notes in.

Kc Supreme Cyanide Vol ii:

I don’t want to do control a to select everything and drag it out like kc supreme cyanide vol ii and now we’re gonna build a chord progression out of this alright so now that I have that I’m gonna copy move it up one with control up and do control V to copy and paste the same thing I’m just going to leave this kinda as the base mode II down here.
Then build the chords up kc supreme electrax, actually gonna change the sound alright so now I’m going to make the chords a little more complex this by adding another layer alright so now that I have that I’m gonna change the inversion of the chords so I’m gonna kind of make the chords flow into each other a little bit better the reason I kept the bass notes down.

Internet Money Sound Banks:

Just following internet money sound banks highlighted scale okay so now just to spice it up I’m gonna take this pattern a melody I just did I’m gonna do control X to cut it and I’m gonna add it to its own pattern and let’s find the sound and Amna sphere I kind of want to give kc supreme electrax that video game for you yeah what’s this pill from there.
Now start adding some drums got my new drum kit called rare that’s what I’m gonna be using maybe some of my other drum kits as well and now I’m just gonna add some rolls and different little pauses and stuff like that let’s add some claps I’m gonna do the loop function and that’s make this.

Kc Supreme Omnisphere Bank:

So I have to click it in once and then I’m just gonna right-click kc supreme electrax and do burn selected channels so now it’s burnt in and it’s permanent and I can turn off loops actually going to use this clap I’m gonna take this open hat right here to go to the envelope settings turn the hold all the way up turn everything else all the way down that way I have complete control over kc supreme omnisphere bank and also we can get rid of the sampler channel it’s kind of blocking our view in the piano roll all right.

Kc Supreme Drum Kit Reddit:

All these we’re just drag them in here I’m gonna zoom out a little bit just do control B a few times and let’s work on structuring it out so we’re gonna start with the intro now that we have kc supreme drum kit reddit pattern we’re just going to select it all and do control B couple times we want our song to end around.

Wavsupply Free:

The three minute mark so this is the hook after the last hook it’s just going to write out its gonna right-click up here at the master volume knob I’m gonna do create automation clip copy the first little thing right click wavsupply free copy value and we’re gonna paste value right here make a little cut paste value.
Then we’re just gonna drag this down and pull this up so just kind of fades out alright so that’s this beat it’s just a chill little beat that I just made from scratch with no preconceived notion or anything of what I was gonna do so if you like videos like kc supreme — cyanide (drum kit) and you like cook ups like these leave a comment let me know I’ll be cooking up more beats live on Twitch like I said earlier.
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