kontakt 5.6.6 r2r

Native Instruments Kontakt 5.6.6 r2r Update No Install [WiN]

kontakt 5.6.6 r2r

kontakt 5.6.6 r2r is the world’s first software sampler. The sophisticated sound engine, the wide range of effects, the powerful modulation possibilities and the advanced scripts give life to a sound universe with incomparable playability and realism. And with an ever-increasing range of functions, KONTAKT continues to be the sampling engine for the future of sound.


kontakt 5.6.6 r2r torrent Factory Library includes a diverse selection of instruments – a set of ready-to-use tools with over 43 GB of high quality samples and over 1000 instruments ready for production, including synthesizers, choirs, acoustic and orchestral instruments, drum machines and much more.

KONTAKT’s innovative features and expanded capabilities drive the growing list of high-end instruments from Native Instruments. KONTAKT is an open platform for development and supports a variety of third-party instruments from the world’s leading instrument manufacturers.


KONTAKT is a playground for all those who work creatively with samples. Organize, edit, grind, cut and stretch your samples using seven playback modes. Shape samples with 84 effects integrated in a subtle to extreme way. Animate each sound with endless modulation possibilities and take control of several groups of samples with sophisticated routing options.

Light up the way:

The KONTAKT interface mirrors the light guide on KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES keyboards and provides one-to-one visual feedback when searching for key switches, setting up key assignments and much more. It also helps instrument manufacturers to convert their original concept into an integrated software / hardware solution that works instantly.

Contact 5 – current: 5.6.6:

The update contains the following improvements and fixes:

• Improved readability of on-screen keyboard colors based on user feedback.
• XY-Pad: individual cursors can now be hidden via KSP ($ HIDE_PART_CURSOR).
• The adjusted chain representation of the parameter values ​​in XY Pad is now correctly released for the host.
• Updating the value of a cursor in the control recall is now reliable in XY Pad.
• When you try to display the Host Automation tab with certain NKIs loaded, potential crashes no longer occur.
• Crash when trying to display the Info (sic) tab of the Instrument Options dialog box, with some NKIs now corrected.
• Some NKIs no longer trigger the “Really close …” dialog box each time they close.

Manually replace the files of the previous 5.6.5 version with the new ones.

Such as:

Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\Kontakt 5.exe
Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\Kontakt 5.aaxplugin\
VstPlugins\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\Kontakt 5.dll

If you want to use your old / new libraries without registration / keygen, do the following:

Deactivate your antivirus program so that your DLL files are not deleted when unpacking
Uninstall your contact version

1. Install R2R 5.6.1 (do not use Keygen).
2. Install the R2R 5.6.5 update (do not use Keygen).
3. Manually copy the exe / dll from Contact 5 v5.6.6 into the files just installed:
– contact 5.exe
– contact 5.dll (aax if you use PT)
– contact 16out.dll
– contact 8out.dll
The DLL files are in the Update / Programs (x86) / VstPlugins
4. Use R2R keygen to save contact (use keygen from contact 5 v5.6.6 update and only use keygen for contact and not for libraries).
5. Use all libraries without registration … also customized … more demo mode

Video tutorial here:





Size: 90.20 MB

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