LetiMix GainMatch 1.192

LetiMix – GainMatch v1.192 (VST3, AAX, AU) [WIN.OSX x86 x64]

LetiMix GainMatch 1.192

Year / Date of Issue: 02.2021
Version: 1.192
Developer: LetiMix
Developer site: letimix
Format: VST3, AAX, AU
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka: cured
System requirements: VST3 / AU / AAX – MacOS 10.7 and newer
VST3 / AAX – Windows 7 and newer


LetiMix – GainMatch v1.192 tool was designed to make gain matching easier and faster! Have you ever seen a plugin that sounds so much better when you turn it on? And later discovered that he was just adding 1dB of gain to everything? Or maybe a new compressor with a fixed output knob in 2dB steps? So is it painful to compare before and after? Or maybe a saturation plugin with no output gain, so almost impossible to use? Decide what’s better, not louder, right now! GainMatch is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that, in our opinion, everyone should have in their arsenal. No more excuses for plugin reviews and before / after comparisons without agreed levels. Now it’s super easy to do!

New in version :

Improved meters performance
You can now choose Auto adjustment speed: Classic (Slow), Normal, Fast
You can now save default group RMS time and filter type (right-click on them)
Fixed error with UTF chars in userdir
Improved loading time
Reorganized ‘options’ menu
Fixed default pan law
Fixed “Compensate” button behavior
Greatly improved RAM and CPU usage. GainMatch now is x3.5 to x7.5 times lighter on the CPU and uses up to x9.5 times less RAM (depending on the settings).
Shortened the right-click menu, now it contains only the most frequently used options. A full list of options (for current instance) can be found in the “Options” menu (dropdown icon in the toolbar). Global default options (for new instances) can be found in “Global Preferences -> For new instances …”.

New icon for “Global preferences” (the `cog` icon on the toolbar). Everything related to global and default settings is there. Also accessible via shift + right-click on an empty area.
Option to “Save as default (for new instances)” to quickly save current options as default.
New combo Scale / Opacity icon (right-click to toggle)
Option to “Keep ‘Delay’ visible”: display ‘Delay’ even when not ‘listening before’.
No need to select delay buffer size now, it is adjusted automatically. Delay detection can detect delays up to 900000+ samples and it also detects the polarity of the signal.

Now you can auto-detect delay for new “After” instances upon inserting (“Global Preferences -> For new instances … -> Auto-detect delay for new after”)
You can also enable “Auto” or “Auto listen gain” for new instances upon inserting
“Delta” is now displayed as a separate button (you can display it from the menu). You can still use shift + click on “Listen Before” to temporarily toggle “Delta”.
New “Listen polarity” indicator / control (hidden by default). Polarity is detected during delay detection.
Added short crossfades while switching before / after / delta to prevent clicks
Fixed possible issues related to “reverse-linking” (unexpected gain changes upon reloading when instances were linked).

LetiMix – GainMatch v1.192:

Now in “Before” you can see if the gain is linked to “After”. Click to unlink.
Now loudness calculation for Before-After with delays is sample-accurate (it was block-accurate before).
Slightly bigger group menu items when using only 8 groups (fewer groups = better performance)
Improved “Fine” resolution on “Sender Gain” and “Gain” knobs (when holding shift)
Buttons “Auto”, “Compensate” (the difference), “Detect delay”, “Listen before” and “Delta” can now be controlled via MIDI-notes (right-click to learn MIDI note, hold Shift to “unlearn”)
These parameters can also be exposed or hidden from DAW (to prevent saving their state in DAW automation / history). See “Global Preferences -> Expose to DAW …”
Reworked checking for updates: improves performance, shows notification icon in the status bar.
Added option to wait for enough audio after suspending in before-after mode – can be useful when GainMatch is used on different tracks
Auto adjustment speed is now slightly faster on differences> 3dB
(experimental) Auto ‘turbo’ mode – speeds up auto adjustment x2 times
“Listen gain” auto adjustment now takes 1 second.
New “Ear protection mode” (enabled by default) prevents loudness spikes when ‘Auto’ adds too much gain (over +6 dB).
It is now possible to set separate positive and negative limits for ‘Auto’ mode (so that it doesn’t increase gain too much)
‘Auto’ state is now preserved when switching modes
Manual gain adjustments now don’t disable ‘Auto’ (an old behavior can be enabled via “Global Preferences -> Other global settings -> Disable ‘Auto’ on manual adjustments”)
New ‘Auto’ option: Return gain to 0 on suspend comparison (disabled by default)
You can now choose to display delay in samples / milliseconds / beats.
Added warnings when Listen gain or Listen mix are hidden but not set to 0db / 100%.
Fixed Ableton Live freezing on first save if GUI is opened
ImprovedMono to Stereo behavior. You can choose the correct “Pan law” in Global Preferences (set the same pan law as in your DAW). Get now

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