melodic dubstep sample pack

Melodic Dubstep Massive Presets – Surge Sounds – (MIDI, WAV,)

melodic dubstep sample pack

Publisher : Surge Sounds
Website :
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :

STUNNING COLLECTION OF FUTURISTIC SOUNDS Melodic Dubstep Massive Presets, a breathtaking collection of futuristic sounds, packed with innovative presets, excellent construction kits, powerful themes, catchy loops, accurate drum samples, carefully processed MIDI and much more!

We have created this package to develop the most modern ideas that will erase the creative boundaries of Melodic Dubstep Sound Design. Thanks to these innovative sounds, carefully developed by the largest producers of Surge Sounds, you will undoubtedly easily write a track.

The sound bank concept was inspired by Melodic Dubstep innovators like Seven Lions & Au5, and was based on a qualitative study of their artistic style and sound character.
With 4 macros for Xfer Serum & 8 for NI Massive assigned to each preset, you can always stay in your creative zone, customizing them to match their artistic sound.

We guarantee that what you hear in the demo, exactly what you get, so grab this package today and start creating!


128 Xfer Serum Presets
29 Leads
25 basses
25 plucks
18 Synths
14 pads
8 fxs
7 keys
2 guitars
10 Custom Wavetables
1 Noise Sample
4 Macros on every preset
12 NI Massive Presets
4 basses
4 pads
2 plucks
1 lead
1 Synth
8 Macros on every preset
NI Massive 1.3 or higher is required.
5 Construction Kits
Kit 1 Am 140 Bpm
Kit 2 G # m 150 Bpm
Kit 3 Cm 100 Bpm
Kit 4 F 138 Bpm
Kit 5 C # 110 Bpm
53 Melodic MIDI files
15 basses
12 Leads
8 plucks
5 Pianos
4 pads
3 guitars
2 Synths
2 FXs
1 Strings
28 Drum MIDI files
7 snare
5 kicks
4 percussion
3 ride
3 claps
2 Cymbals
2 Hi Hats
1 snap
1 Clock
571 loops
404 Melodic Loops
95 drum loops
72 fx loops
185 Stems
122 Melodic Stems
34 Drum Stems
29 FX Stems
54 Drum Samples
10 Closed Hi Hats
9 Percussions
7 snares
6 Crashes
5 drum fills
5 kicks
5 rides
3 claps
2 clocks
1 snap

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Your key to controlling the environment that surrounds you is determined by the impact of your sound.Set the tone to kick back and groove with rich bass lines, one-shots, and 808’s. Become one within a beautiful tapestry painted with bold colors that define the life fantastic. Make Melodic Dubstep Massive Presets dances to your smooth eclectic rhythms. This can all be made possible once you add Vital Stratosphere by Big EDM to your library.

Vital Stratosphere is intelligently diverse. Offering sounds that lift and carry you away as you relax or provide the perfect backdrop to something seductively romantic that will last all night. It doesn’t stop there. Lay down a Trap beat or try a little a Chillstep. This pack even makes a good addition to those creating study music or binaural beats.

Feel the amazing sensation of an endorphin release when melodic dubstep sample pack sounds grace your ears. Everything you need like percussive loops, one hits, and presets is all ready for you to begin your next majestic composition. You will find glitches, down lifters, uplifters, impacts, growls, white noise, arps, pads, sub bass, chords and more. Your progressive journey starts here. Fill the air with the sounds your heart desires.

Down tempo and smooth or up the beat to uplift the mood. Stimulate your brain, your senses and your mix with Vital Stratosphere from Big EDM.

Melodic Dubstep Massive Presets product contains:

– 121 Massive Presets
– 4 808s
– 20 Atmospheres
– 15 Bass Shots
– 20 Claps
– 12 Foley
– 12 FX
– 12 Hi-Hats
– 28 Kicks
– 25 Percussion one-shots
– 10 Percussive Loops
– 5 Snaps
– 15 Snares
– 20 Top Loops
– 100% Royalty Free

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