NEUTRAL LABS ELMYRA 2 – HYBRIDER DRONE-SYNTHESIZER Download a hybrid Drone-Synthesizer with four independent voices, each featuring hybrid sound generation capabilities. The oscillator engine is based on Wavetables, enabling the creation of up to 12 oscillators. These four voices can be played using the integrated touch sensors or controlled via CV inputs. The Chromatic Mode allows for chords and harmonically rich sounds, and microtonal scales are also supported.


The highly anticipated successor to the renowned Elmyra. This cutting-edge synthesizer pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration, offering a perfect fusion of digital and analog technology with a focus on microtonal capabilities. Whether you’re seeking lush ambient soundscapes, gritty drones, or piercing noises, Elmyra 2 delivers in spades.

Available in two versatile formats – a 42 HP Eurorack module or a semi-modular desktop synth – Elmyra 2 boasts four independent voices, each activated by touch or CV. Its wavetable-based complex oscillator engine supports up to 12 oscillators, offering 1V/octave compatibility and the option for chromatic mode, enabling chords and harmonics in microtonal scales.

This synthesizer is a sonic playground with 31 modulation targets, 4 polymetric sequencers, delay, additional per-voice effects, and various filter options. With onboard LFOs and utilities, Elmyra 2 acts as a purpose-built small modular system in itself. You can even customize its sound character using special preset cards or electronic components like capacitors and diodes plugged into the front panel.

Key Features:

  • Four independent voices with touch or CV activation.
  • Wavetable-based complex oscillator engine supporting up to 12 oscillators with 1V/octave compatibility.
  • Chromatic mode for chords and harmonics in microtonal scales.
  • 41 patch points and 31 modulation targets for endless sonic possibilities.
  • Touchpads with analog envelopes usable as modulation sources.
  • Switchable resonant filter with options for a boomy and aggressive multimode 2-pole state variable filter or a creamy 4-pole low-pass ladder filter.
  • Features delay with rich feedback, lo-fi reverb, and the unique analog OUCH circuit for distortion, waveshaping, and filtering.
  • Sonic character customization through preset cards or front-panel components.
  • External audio processing via audio input.
  • Nine per-voice modulations and effects, including unison detune, dual sub-oscillators, saturation, bitmangler, sample rate reduction, noise, and high-pass/low-pass filters.
  • Two versatile LFOs – one sine and one complex morphable.
  • Four sequencers with arbitrary step length per voice, allowing for polymetric structures (up to 128 steps).
  • Clock-synced or unsynced delay time and LFOs (tap tempo also available).
  • Utilities include dual attenuator/buffered multiple/voltage generator, and CV summing circuit.
  • Stylish and sustainable case made of plant-based bioplastic and native German oak wood.
  • Handmade in Germany, showcasing true boutique craftsmanship.

The oscillators pass through a shared filter that can be switched between two modes. In the 12 dB Multimode, it offers low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filters with a bass-heavy and aggressive tone. Alternatively, the 24 dB low-pass mode employs a clean-sounding ladder circuit. Additionally, the filter can process external audio sources.

Elmyra 2 will be available in various options, including assembled synth or module versions, as well as a DIY kit, starting from July 20th, 2023. For sustainability reasons, please note that the desktop version does not come with a USB power supply, but only a USB-A to USB-C cable. You’ll need a 5V supply with a USB-A socket, such as a phone charger, power bank, or laptop.

Also, for those curious, the desktop version features a Eurorack power header and can be placed into a Eurorack setup. However, the desktop case lacks Eurorack rails and is powered by 5V USB, so using it as a 42 HP rack would require modifications. Stay tuned for teaser videos and photos, which will be shared on Instagram leading up to the release date.

NEUTRAL LABS ELMYRA 2 – HYBRIDER DRONE-SYNTHESIZER Download is equipped with four sequencers (one per voice), each capable of handling up to 128 steps. The number of steps can be freely adjusted, allowing for the creation of polyrhythmic structures.

Additionally, the synthesizer features a delay with high feedback settings and a LoFi-reverb. It also boasts a distortion module named “ouch,” which combines distortion, waveshaping, and filtering. Similar to the Eurorack module Nijel, the character of this section can be altered using preset cards or components like diodes that can be inserted into the slots’ contacts. Four preset cards are included with the device.

For power supply, Elmyra 2 utilizes a USB-C port, enabling the device to be operated with a power bank or a laptop. Instead of a USB power adapter, the package comes with a USB-A-to-USB-C adapter cable.

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