Rivium Software – RiviumAI 2

Rivium Software – RiviumAI 2 (VST3, AU) [WIN.OSX x64]

Rivium Software – RiviumAI 2

Year / Date of Issue: 01.2021
Version: 2
Developer: Rivium Software
Developer site: riviumsoftware
Format: VST3, AU
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: not required | RETAiL
System requirements: OSx and Windows (AU / vst)

Description: Rivium Software – RiviumAI 2 – the best reverb based on artificial intelligence. With RIVIUM AI, creating a reverb effect BECOMES INCREDIBLY fast AND easy.
RiviumAI is the best sound reverb plugin that integrates advanced digital audio processing functions with artificial intelligence. Thanks to this new technology, it is able to automatically analyze and recognize most sources, mainly voices, electric and classical guitars, electric and acoustic basses, synthesizers, acoustic and electric pianos. RiviumAI is a powerful plug-in compatible with most DAWs that simplifies post-production of any acoustic or digital instrument.
With this software, you will learn how to best set up reverb for your instruments, choose the optimal setting for your mix, control early and late reflections in real time, and more.
The main feature of RiviumAI is its automatic grinding algorithm. In fact, it continuously scans the dry signal records until it learns to convert the dry signal on its own. The end result is a powerful algorithm that simulates the ideal room and allows automatic reverberation times to be set.
RiviumAI will allow you to select sounds that range from confined spaces and rooms to traditional hallways and plates, expansive spaces modulated extremely quickly and with a revolutionary AI algorithm specially designed for early and late acoustic energy equalization that delivers the spatial and phase signals needed for creating an “idealized” room experience with amazing precision and speed.
We have partnered with technicians and manufacturers to train the plugin’s neural network. Using RiviumAI is like a team of experts for a mixing session. You can create great mixes of guitars, vocals and drums. In the latest updates, we introduced twelve original reverb algorithms that produce a wide range of natural reverb sounds.
RiviumAI 2 offers an efficient layout to create a unique environment for any voice or instrument. You can quickly choose from realistic rooms and navigate deeper with advanced options to add your own personal touch.
Plus, you can use the new technology presets to quickly reach your starting point with an intelligent workflow that guides you through the selection of sounds to suit your needs. RiviumAI parameters can be automated in your DAW, allowing you to create sound spaces that evolve, move and blend with your music! With so many options, RiviumAI is a complete reverb chain in one plugin. Get now.

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