TC Electronic PEQ 3000 NATIVE 1.0.02 (1)

TC Electronic PEQ 3000 NATIVE 1.0.02 (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

TC Electronic PEQ 3000 NATIVE 1.0.02 (1)

Year / Date of Issue: 01.2021
Version: 1.0.02
Developer: TC Electronic
Developer site: tcelectronic
Format: VST, VST3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit
Tabletka: cured
System requirements: Windows 7+, VST AAX Host

Description: TC Electronic PEQ 3000 Electronic offers the classic Midas Heritage 3000 console equalizer algorithm known for its warm sound and responsiveness to changing settings. Contains 12 fully parametric bands with different filter modes. Global Stereo, M / S and L / R modes are also supported. The plugin has a large high resolution user interface window for fine tuning of parameters. The analog algorithms of the legendary Midas console are complemented by a state-of-the-art real-time spectrum analyzer. Standard DAW automation and preservation of mood in projects are supported.

Midas Heritage Series Plugins:

The PEQ 3000 and DYN 3000 are a perfect pair and allow you to experience the true tone and feel of a Midas console channel strip at an unprecedented price. Ideal for Mac and PC DAW music and post-production, these premium mixing and mastering plugins will take your audio-content and performance above and beyond the next level. Buy now!


TC Electronic – BRICKWALLHD 1.0.02
TC Electronic – DYN 3000 1.0.02
TC Electronic – LM6n NATIVE 1.1.4
TC Electronic – MASTER X HD 1.0.01
TC Electronic – PEQ 3000 NATIVE 1.0.02
TC Electronic – VSS3 Native 1.2.0
TC Electronic – DVR250 Native 2.0.02
TC Electronic – TC2290 Native 2.0.02
TC Electronic – TC8210 Native 2.0.02
TC Electronic – TC1210 Native 2.0.02
TC Electronic – Finalizer 1.0.10

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The Desktop Controller will light up upon successful connection. You can now apply the plug-in to a channel in your DAW to begin using the effect. This process may vary slightly depending on your software, but generally should require these steps:
• Select a channel or bus in your DAW to which you would like to add the effect Access
the mixer page where you should see a section dedicated to effect slots.
• Open the menu where you can select from a list of effect types, which probably
includes many stock plugins that are included with the DAW. There should be
submenu to view general VST/AU/AAX options.
• The plug-in will likely be found in a dedicated TC Electronic folder. Select the
PEQ 3000 and it will now be added to the signal chain.
Double click on the effect slot that contains the PEQ 3000-DT to view the plug-in UI. There should be a green link icon at the bottom, and text that indicates successful connection between the plug-in and the Desktop Controller.

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