u-he TyrellN6 Software Synthesizer Plugin

u-he TyrellN6 Software Synthesizer Plugin [AU, VST] Free Download

What is u-he TyrellN6?

u-he TyrellN6 Software Synthesizer Plugin contains the essence of a compact and dynamic synthesizer. Inspired by the concepts and principles behind hardware synthesis, it combines a selection of modules, innovative functionalities, authentic analog tones, and affordability. Serving as the digital representation of these original ideas, TyrellN6 presents itself as a software-based manifestation of this vision.

u-he TyrellN6 Software Synthesizer Plugin

Available as a free download exclusively from the German online magazine Amazona. It is only available via Amazona.de, not from u-he.com or our resellers.

How much does u-he TyrellN6 cost?

u-he TyrellN6 is available as a free download on the u-he website. It is a freeware synthesizer, meaning it can be used without any cost. However, u-he also offers a paid version called TyrellN6 Powerhouse, which includes additional features and enhancements.

What are the key features of u-he TyrellN6?

TyrellN6 comes with several notable features, including:

  • Compact and sporty design resembling hardware synthesizers.
  • Virtual analog sound engine for authentic analog tones.
  • Multiple oscillator types, including sawtooth, pulse, triangle, and more.
  • Filter section with various filter types like low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, etc.
  • Envelope generators for shaping the sound.
  • Modulation options including LFOs (Low-Frequency Oscillators) and modulation matrix.
  • Built-in effects such as chorus, delay, and overdrive.
  • Preset browser with a wide range of factory presets.

Can u-he TyrellN6 load external presets?

Yes, TyrellN6 provides the ability to load and use external preset files. This allows users to expand their sound library by importing presets created by other users or sharing their own custom-made sounds with the TyrellN6 community.

The AMAZONA.de Freeware Synth Tyrell N6 (now V3) is also a clone. Instead of people, he reproduces classic analog synthesizers from Juno-60 to Minimoog. Unlike in the film, however, our KLON seems to be immortal – and this is ensured by the synthesizer manufacturer U-He, who developed the TYRELL with us years ago and continues to improve it to this day, so that it runs perfectly on many current DAWs.

  • Virtual analogue with classic architecture plus extras
  • 2 oscillators, noise, ring modulator
  • 2 LFOs with 8 waveforms, host-syncable
  • Audio source mixer with authentic overdrive and filter feedback
  • Twin filter related to Diva (early model)
  • Unison with up to 8 voices
  • Analogue-type ADSR envelopes, loopable or LFO-triggered
  • Small modulation matrix with depth modulation from a second source
  • Chorus effect with 3 modes
  • MIDI learn / unlearn for hardware control
  • Resizable UI from 70% to 200%
  • Skinnable UI
  • Over 580 factory presets

Are there any tutorials or resources available for learning u-he TyrellN6?

Yes, u-he provides comprehensive documentation and resources on their website, including a user manual and tutorial videos to help users get started with TyrellN6. Additionally, you can find various online communities, forums, and YouTube channels dedicated to discussing and sharing tips, tricks, and tutorials on using u-he TyrellN6 effectively.

TYRELL N6, a VST/AU plugin, has not only undergone continuous improvement and development, but has also garnered a vast collection of sounds contributed by fans worldwide. Upon downloading the plugin, simply click on the PRESETS tab to access a substantial number of exceptional sounds.

We are thrilled to introduce a brand new soundset exclusively available for download, featuring 72 additional TYRELL N6 sounds. This set has been expertly crafted by Paul A. Kabat, a professional sound designer known as RAUSCHWERK. Furthermore, we are grateful to our reader Kevin Schröder, who has generously provided a free soundset for download, expanding the sonic possibilities of TYRELL N6.

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