Soundiron Voices Of Rage - death metal lead vocal library

Soundiron – Voices Of Rage (KONTAKT) –

Soundiron Voices Of Rage - death metal lead vocal library

Voices Of Rage is an aggressive vocal library, four vocalists are recorded, each performer offers his own unique style and technique, giving you options for working with a wide range of metal sub-genres. The huge Wordmaster dictionary includes 100 words from which you can build your own songs , Contains various nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives.

Additional Information:

5.46 GB Installed
18,128 Samples
46 Kontakt 5.1 .nki instrument presets, including standard TM Pro and low memory “lite” versions
Publisher : Soundiron
Website :
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
KONTAKT 5.1.0 +

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Voices of Rage:

This is voices of rage a hyper-aggressive death metal hardcore and metalcore vocal library it comes with inspiring vocal
performances epic word building tools a tempo synched phrase sequencer multiple mic choices built-in rack effects.

Metal Vocal Samples:

And more metal vocal samples comes with 23 contact instrument presets in almost 6 gigabytes of content there’s some common controls among the different soundiron vocal suite.

Soundiron Voices of Rapture:

Like swell for dynamic volume control very shy very Josh I pass I pass the dog sound shaping envelope controls like soundiron voices of rapture volume as well as controls for sample offset pitch yaw yaw crossfade my mother..

Kontakt Voices:

I’d died which can all be used with the waveform display to surgically string together multiple phrases in the sequencer which can be toggled on or off kontakt voices also features sound irons powerful 32 step phrase sequencer along with numerous controls for fine tuning combined with the waveform display.

Soundiron Vocals:

You have an unprecedented amount of control over the sequence there are word master presets for each of the four singers and soundiron vocals each coming with two round-robin and two vocal styles evil and rage which you can play individually or layer for added effect.

Voice Kontakt:

The word grid tab features a 12 by 8 grid of individual words you can trigger with a MIDI keyboard your mouse or the phrase sequencer to find solo voice kontakt referenced a note letter and octave number this has been Spencer thanks.

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