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waves plugins bundle


Waves Complete 2017 V9r19 OS X [dada]
1.13 GB
Waves V9r19 installers – July 23rd, 2014

– Waves License Center – Improved identification of USB flash drives (SanDisk and others).
– Waves License Center – Fixed bug which caused licenses activated to a computer to get lost due to unstable device recognition.
– Added SoundGrid support for several plugins.
– Manny Marroquin Delay, Distortion, EQ, Reverb, Triple D, Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel, and Dorrough Stereo added to Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show bundles.
– Abbey Road Collection available as a separate installation option.

How to Install Waves Plugins For Vocals:

Uninstall the previous version.

Delete Plug-ins and folders:

.component and _or .dpm, .vst, .vst3

Macintosh HD /Library/Application Support/Waves (folder)

Macintosh HD /Users/you_name//Library/Application Suport/Preferences/Waves Preferences (folder)

Macintosh HD /Applications/Waves (folder)

Now, install Waves Complete V9r19…

Double Click Waves V9r19 Patch.command (Terminal)


Our greets go to all hard working groups.
And middle finger to the people who make money with our effort.

Support the good developer if you like it.
We would like to support you for free waves complete 2017 as long as you understand
what you are doing and what it means.

Remember to BUY the stuff if you USE it.
thepiratebay.se – 1337x.to – flashtorrents.org – fenopy.se


  • Total size 1.1 GB

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Best Waves Plugins

  1. Abbey Road Vinyl: http://bit.ly/waves-ar-vinyl
  2. BSS DPR-402: http://bit.ly/waves-bss-dpr-402
  3. C1 Compressor: http://bit.ly/waves-c1
  4. C6 Multiband Compressor: http://bit.ly/waves-c6
  5. Center: http://bit.ly/waves-center
  6. DBX 160: http://bit.ly/waves-dbx160
  7. Dorrough 360-D: http://bit.ly/waves-dorrough
  8. Doubler: http://bit.ly/waves-doubler
  9. Element: http://bit.ly/waves-element
  10. F6 Floating Band Dynamic EQ: http://bit.ly/waves-f6
  11. H-Comp Hybrid Compressor: http://bit.ly/waves-h-comp
  12. H-Delay: http://bit.ly/waves-h-delay
  13. H-Reverb: http://bit.ly/waves-h-reverb
  14. J-37 Tape: http://bit.ly/wavesj37
  15. L2 Ultramaximizer: http://bit.ly/waves-l2
  16. MaxxBass: http://bit.ly/waves-maxxbass
  17. MaxxVolume: http://bit.ly/waves-maxxvolume
  18. MetaFlanger: http://bit.ly/waves-metaflanger
  19. PS22 Stereo Maker: http://bit.ly/waves-ps22
  20. S1 Stereo Imager: http://bit.ly/waves-s1
  21. Scheps 73: http://bit.ly/waves-scheps73
  22. SoundShifter: http://bit.ly/waves-soundshifter
  23. Scheps Parallel Particles: http://bit.ly/waves-scheps-parallel-p…
  24. Trans-X: http://bit.ly/waves-transx
  25. UltraPitch: http://bit.ly/waves-ultrapitch
  26. Vitamin Sonic Enhancer: http://bit.ly/waves-vitamin
  27. WLM Plus Loudness Meter: http://bit.ly/waves-wlm
  28. X-Series Noise Reduction Plugins: http://bit.ly/waves-x-series
  29. Z-Noise: http://bit.ly/waves-z-noise

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