DMG Audio Bundle 2020.04.26

DMG Audio – All Plugins Bundles 2020.04.26 (VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX) [Win x86/x64]

By Admin| April 26,2020
DMG Audio All Plugins Bundles 2020.04.26

Year / Release Date: 04.2020
Version: 2020.04.26
Developer: DMG Audio
Developer’s site: DMG Audio
Format: VST, VST3, RTAS, AAX (* MOD)
Bit: 32/64 bit
Table-tka: cured
System requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 (x86 or x64)


DMG Audio All Plugins Bundles Torrent set composed of:

DMG Audio Compassion 1.22-is a completely designed device to process the audio content dynamically. Perhaps the most powerful dynamic engine ever developed is behind the device.

DMG Audio Dualism 1.12-a versatile method for dealing with stereo signals, which provides a comprehensive framework for audio visualisation. It is utilized as the final mixing and mastering step. Dualism gives full power of the highest quality stereo DMG Audio EQuality 1.36-Equalizer. Optimized for use on low CPU. For the master channel and other mix buses linear, analog, and minimal phase modes. Unique Digital+ mode, for impressive results.

DMG Audio EQuick 1.18-is a state-of-the-art, digital equalizer with low processor load and high quality sound.

DMG Audio EQuilibrium 1.61-Robust equalizer for all business needs. An audio engine which consumes very little CPU. Number curves are accurate. Fully customizable gui. Advanced groupsetting and routing. High precision analyser. To a limit of 32 channels. Factor Efficiency up to 36 dB. And a whole host of other stuff.

DMG Audio Essence 1.10-The world’s most powerful and clear de-esser! It is much more than a singer; it is a versatile sub-group processor capable of silently reaching and controlling every mix feature. For the first time in Audio Technology history, Essence provides the power of a full de-esser combination, with all the equipment’s configuration choices and fineness.

DMG Audio Expurgate 1.08-Expander Expurgate / Virtual Room.

DMG Audio Limitless 1.11-Multiband Compressor Limiter Clipper DMG Audio Multiplicity v1.06-is a powerful multiband dynamic processor that provides up to 8 bands of flexible processing. The plugin gives you a level of power that can’t be matched with anything else thanks to multiband compression, expansion, cutting, and dynamic equalizer.

DMG Audio PitchFunk 1.17-Engine for effects. PitchFunk is based on a feedback system featuring a pitch shifter, a filter, a delay line and an amplification stage. All these can be modulated and controlled in various ways. PitchFunk gives you full control of a potent arsenal of insane effects.

TrackComp 2.02-is a dynamic processor that simulates four classic analog hardware compressors and has an original architecture.

TrackControl 1.0.6-Track panoramic and basic stereo control (also in M / S mode). Coding and decoding of M / S. Inversion process, option to switch channels. Filter to HP. Pause, pause.

TrackDS 1.0.6-A psychoacoustic device designed for the sibilants management. Two-way equalizer, versatile crossing control mechanism, in the side chain.

TrackGate 1.0.6-Special algorithms for gate / expander. Noise detector to automated operation of the screen. Classic door styles for Hardware. Quite fast attack. The inclusion of an external side-chain for gate access. In the side chain MIDI controls two-band equalizer.

TrackLimit 1.0.6-Maximum Limiter low.Independent transient processing, and other dynamic material. Peaks of the intersamples were cut. This is perfectly clear.

TrackMeter 1.0.6-Multifunctional analyser for the spectrum. Displaying modes: octave, octave 1/3 and octave 1/12. Spectrograms 2D, and 3D. Tools for stereo analysis (phase metres, correlelometers, etc.). Three RMS analyzer by octave. Analyzer to spectral process. The tuner is chromatic.

Shows the short-term volume path and the histogram as per ITU1770. Help for ITU1770/EBU r128/ATSC A/85 volume calculation.

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How to install DMG Audio All Plugins Bundles 2020.04.26:


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