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By | August 27, 2020

mixing trap music tutorial

Year of release : 2015
Manufacturer : Audio School Online
Manufacturer website :
Posted by : Ken Lewis
Duration : 01:58:57
Type of handing out material : Video lesson
Language : English

Description :

Audio School Online following recent work with Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Future, Lil Wayne, and many others, Ken Lewis presents this in-depth 2-hour tutorial on mixing Trap and creating common Trap effects. Ken will guide you around the mix, faders…right up to the finished Trap song…beats and vocals.

Using mixing trap beats in pro tools plugins, Ken will show you step by step how to create many of the most common trap effects.
After recent work with Lane Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and many others, Ken kicks off through a complete mix, faders…right down to a finished full trap song…beat and vocals. Using both stock and 3rd party plugins, Ken breaks down step by step how to create many of the most common trap effects such as…

Full tutorial here……

– panning snare fills, crisp hi hats, enhanced claps, phase coherency
– monstrous 808’s that cut through small speakers
– mixing rap vocals and ad libs
– multiple effects to create lush ambient sounds, blasts, twinkles and more
– using short delay lines to define drum tracks and spread vocals.
– There are several different panning & stereo widening efx shows, as well as sound mixing school

– replacing kick drum sounds and beefing up kicks
– balancing multiple pads together
– filter effects
– finishing the mix bus

And finally, he gave a lot of time to fixing. You will see how many years ahead.
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Video Format : MP4 MPEG-4 FLV AVI AVCHD
Video : AVC, 1234×740, 1.668, 30.000 fps, ~ 1 000 Kbps
Audio : AAC, 44.1 KHz, 128 Kbps, 2 channels

Audio Mixing Online Course:

The Audio Mixing Online Course is the first 8 minutes of a 2 hour tutorial on Mixing Trap Songs with vocals and Creating Trap Effects. Ken Lewis takes you thru an extensive lesson covers a LOT of ground. Check out the chapter list on the intro for subjects covered and read the product description at

Music or Audio School Online:

Audio School Online is the brain child of song writer, producer, mix engineer, and musician, Ken Lewis. He is sharing his 20+ years of experience in the music industry to provide an education to those who want to create, mix, or produce music. Check out his videos and please visit for full lessons and additional content.

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Music Mixing School:

Music Mixing School lutely be minute ruling man hey it’s Ken Lewis welcome back to audio school online so this tutorial is going to be mixing trap beats and creating traffic effects using a really cool song called big bank from a friend of mine named Jayden Harrison. He runs cg3 audio so cg3 audio makes like trap sample packs for sounds and stuff.

Mixing Trap Music Tutorial:

Mixing trap music tutorial used on my beats all the time and so he’s been generous enough to let me use this session for this song thank you and check out cg3 audio if you google them you’ll find them immediately or you can go to producer loops.
Calm and find a ton of mixing trap beats, his sample packs as well so anyway so this is going to be a full song mix start to finish beat vocals sounds everything but I’m also going to focus in on teaching you how to create a lot of specific different trap effects.

Online Audio Classes:

Online audio classes are tons of different records you know kind of panning snares and slowdowns and filters and different like kind of delay taps and but you know audio for school kind of reverbs that you use on on trap songs.
You know obviously not every mixing trap music tutorial song is mix the same and a lot of things are subjective but I’m going to show you a lot of really cool tricks. You can take those mixing trap beats and expand on them, and you know make them your own and create your own unique trap effects to yourself.
Create your own hip-hop songwriting sound with it but I’ll give you a good starting point so when this session came in there was a lot of effects on it so I went back and I had him resend me a few tracks if you see some of these muted tracks basically this is the dry version of this so uh all right.

Hip-Hop Songwriters:

So here’s a snare roll hip-hop songwriters and then here’s the like already panning snare roll video lesson so I’m gonna I’m gonna show you how like if you hear if you can hear this you’re older so you hear how it’s kind of going left and right let me mute the rough mix.

Music Engineering:

Audio Engineering or music engineering show you a lot of those trap effects but the first thing. I’m going to do even before I begin mixing the entire song is uh what the heck is happening here aha hang on there we go got to get my original uh-huh can I get my original kick drum back also going to show you how to replace the kick drum.

Music Production:

Because I think I got a better one but first I’m going to beef up this music production 808 before I start the mix though I just want to give a quick shout out so in about two weeks on March 7th 2015 depending on when you buy this tutorial I’m launching a new website called music school online.
Learn how to mix music? it’s going to have short form tutorials teaching guitar bass drums voice, udemy mixing a song from start to finish and piano as well as music theory and if you’ve got young kids at home and you want to introduce them to music I’ve got an MSO kids section as well so it’s a fantastic site.

Rap Vocal Effects:

We’re launching with over 400 tutorials music mixing classes near me so it’s nothing like rap vocal effects I put out a few tutorials every now and then on this musics go online. That it’s going to be a monster of a site so if you’ve ever wanted to learn an instrument or learn theory that’s going to be the one okay neck on to this.
The first thing I’m going to show you is this 808 the first thing I notice about the audio school online is that it’s really thin you 808 SAR the exact opposite usually they’re really sub e and they have no tone to them and this one is like the complete opposite so let’s just listen to it.

Mixing Trap Song:

Then audioschoolonline channel give you protools mixing with I mean it’s got some sub to it but for the most part it’s a real mid-range e 808 and that’s one of the toughest things to get with Mixing Trap Song sometimes and I show you in my mixing trap Beach lesson is how to take Mixing Trap Beats.

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