Syntorial Torrent – Audible Genius Syntorial 1.6.4 + Sylenth1 + Cakewalk Z3TA Tutorial

By | July 31, 2020

syntorial serum presets

syntorial torrent – interactive program for practical training to work with synthesizers.

Syntorial is a software that will teach you how to program synths and sounds develop. Etobolshe than another tutorial, Syntorial allows you to create sounds that you hear, do not rely on presets, you’ll know why and how to use more than 60 general parameters synthesizer.

You are waiting for 199 tasks – learn by doing! All taught through video demonstrations. By the end, you will create more than 700 sounds from the most simple to the complex. The distribution is also present Primer synthesizer used in the learning process.

26/09/16 syntorial torrent updated, added lessons Z3TA + 2.

Installation: copy the folder Cakewalk Z3TA + 2 Challenges from folder to folder (your drive) Program files / Syntorial / Resources / Challenges / Demonstrations and then copy the contents of a folder in the folder (your drive) Program files / Syntorial / Resources / Demonstrations /

Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Syntoral
Type of material handed out: An interactive tutorial
Language: English
System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10, is desirable (but not mandatory) MIDI keyboard.

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syntorial torrent is video game-like training software, that will teach you how to program synth patches by ear. With almost 200 lessons, combining video demonstrations with interactive challenges, you’ll get hands on experience programming patches on a built-in soft synth, and learn everything you need to know to start making your own sounds with ease.

This isn’t your ordinary synth tutorial. This is Syntorial.

Syntorial – The Ultimate Synthesizer Tutorial


syntorial software doesn’t just show you how synth programming works. It engages you in 129 Interactive Challenges in which you have to program patches on a built-in synth. You aren’t just learning how to design sound, you are becoming a sound designer.

syntorial serum presets


The Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 Lesson Pack adds 37 extra videos, totaling 3 Hours and 17 minutes. Each video demonstrates how to apply everything you’ve learned in syntorial serum presets, on Z3TA+ 2. Get to know Z3TA+ 2’s ins and outs, and take advantage of the endless sonic manipulations it has to offer.


The Minimoog Voyager Lesson Pack adds 34 videos, totaling 2 hours and 22 minutes. Each video demonstrates how to apply everything you’ve learned in Syntorial, on the Voyager. Get to know your Voyager’s ins and outs, and learn the true value of this classic analog hardware synth.


The Sylenth1 Lesson Pack adds 38 videos, totaling 2 hours and 47 minutes, demonstrating how to apply everything you’ve learned in Syntorial, on Sylenth1, and guides you through the recreation of 46 Syntorial patches in Sylenth1. Learn how to really take advantage of Sylenth1’s rich virtual analog sound and unique layered interface.


Massive is an incredibly powerful and versatile soft synth with a deep selection of wavetables and modulation options, allowing for an endless variety of sound. The Massive Lesson Pack adds 41 Videos, totaling 4 Hours and 44 minutes. Transfer everything you learn in Syntorial, to Massive, and learn all of the extra features Massive has to offer.


Serum is a truly innovative wavetable synth. Between its in-depth wavetable editing capabilites, and its intuitive visual feedback, Serum is both easy to learn, and powerful to use. The Serum Lesson Pack adds 55 Videos, totaling over 9 hours. Transfer everything you learn in Syntorial, to Serum, and learn all of the extra features Serum has to offer.


  • 129 CHALLENGES – Learn by doing! Complete challenges by programm patches with Syntorial’s built-in synth.
  • 706 PATCHES – Program, program, program. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? By the end you will have programmed over 700 patches, from simple to complex, familiar to strange.
  • 33 ON YOUR OWN – Syntorial will give you periodic tasks to be carried out on your own with whatever synth(s) you use.
  • 147 VIDEOS – Everything is taught through video demonstrations using the same synth that you’ll use in the challenges.
  • 64 SYNTH PARAMETERS – Syntorial covers the most common parameters found on most synths.
  • 39 QUIZZES – Multiple choice questions to help you retain and remember everything you learn
  • Pay once and get Syntorial on 3 platforms: Mac, PC and iPad

System Requirements

  • Mac (10.6 and above)
  • PC (8, 7, or Vista)
  • iiOS 8 or later
  • MIDI keyboard recommended, but not required.


Syntorial is synthesizer training software that will teach you how to
program synths and design sound.
Way more than just another tutorial,
Syntorial will enable you to stop relying on presets,
program the sounds you hear,
and know when, why, and how to use over 60 common synthesizer parameters.

Here’s how it works:

Syntorial consists of almost 200 lessons each lesson starts with a video that teaches you about one specific control or group of controls. Each video is then followed by a challenge. Now the challenges are what separate Syntorial from your usual synth tutorial.

Here’s how they work:

First, Syntorial presents you with a hidden patch
you can play and hear this patch but you can’t see how it’s programmed.
Your job is to switch over to your patch, which you CAN see,
and program IT to sound like the hidden one
and since you can’t see the hidden patch,
you have to do this completely by ear,
much like you would in real life.
Here’s a demonstration.
First you hit the play button so that Syntorial starts playing your synth for you
you can of course, play it with a MIDI keyboard
or computer keyboard if you’d like
listen to the hidden patch again
back to my patch
listen again
a little delay …
when you’re ready, you hit submit
now I’m gonna set a few of these controls
to an incorrect setting so you can see what happens
when I submit a patch that isn’t perfect.
So, all the controls that I set correctly turned green,
and all the incorrect controls turned red
so you hit the play button
and start fixing them
simply just change each control until it turns green
this way you can truly hear the differences between your patch and the hidden patch
and learn from your mistakes.
When you’re ready,
go onto the next patch or try this patch again
each challenge contains about six patches so that altogether,
by the time you reach the end of syntorial torrent and finish all the challenges,
you will have programmed over 700 patches completely by ear.
Now, if this seems kind of difficult, keep this in mind:
the very first challenge starts with just one control
and as you move from one lesson to the next,
Syntorial gradually introduces new controls
to help prevent the learning process from becoming overwhelming.
Our goal is for your train to be enjoyable from start to finish
along with these challenges, Syntorial includes videos that will help you apply
your newfound skills to whatever synths you use it in real life
and quizzes to help you retain all your new technical knowledge as well.
Syntorial is available for Mac and PC
Just go to and click the “try for free” link
here you can download the demo, which includes the first 22 lessons
with syntorial torrent, you’re not just learning about synth programming and sound design
like you are when you read books and articles or watch videos.
You’re actually DOING… you are becoming a sound designer
because when we program patches in the real world,
we’re either trying to create a sound that we hear in our heads
or a sound that we hear on another recording
the real world DEMANDS that we program synths by ear
so the only way to learn synth programming is by ear
and that’s exactly what Syntorial
can do for you

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