Lynda Ableton – The Business of Songwriting: [Tutorial, ENG]

By | September 6, 2020

lynda songwriting

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Posted by : Garrick Chow
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Lynda Ableton comes to making money in the process of writing songs, writing a great song is only part of the equation. In this course, Garrick Chow introduces you to all the major organizations, rights, and procedures that songwriters have to deal with in the music business.

When lynda ableton training comes to song writing, writing songs In this course, the author of the songwriters will be accounted for. He will begin his letter, including the copyright letter, the copyright law, the sound recording system, the master recording licenses, and the synch licenses.

The second half of the music production courses in india is geared towards the DIY musician. Garrick discusses ways to play with TuneCore, CDBaby, Topspin, Bandcamp, and ReverbNation. Making it up for the music team.


Introduction 1m 15s Welcome 1m 15s

1. Understanding Performance and Mechanical Rights 32m 33s
What is a split letter? 2m 55s
Copyrighting your original songs 4m 16s
What is a performance rights organization (PRO)? 3m 51s
Registering a song with a PRO 1m 59s
What is a music publisher? 5m 34s
SoundExchange lynda ableton 10 3m 15s
Who is Harry Fox? 4m 28s
Understanding mechanical rights, master recording, and synch licenses 6m 15s

2. Self-Distribution and Promotion 45m 44s
Being a do-it-yourself (DIY) musician 3m 30s
Setting up your digital music 5m 15s
Direct-to-fan connection with Topspin, Bandcamp, and ReverbNation 3m 40s
Manufacturing of your music 3m 34s
Selling your music using Square Register and Reader 3m 29s
The importance of your website 3m 53s
Social promotion 3m 50s
Maintaining a mailing list 4m 3s
Presence 4m 57s
Music placement 5m 2s
Who’s on your team? 4m 31s

Conclusion 1m 22s
What’s next? 1m 22s

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