Vengeance Essential House Vol 4

Vengeance Essential House Vol 2/3/4 (WAV) Free Download

Vengeance Essential House Vol 4

Vengeance Essential House Vol 4 WAV

Vengeance Essential House Vol 2 New Update: This is what you were waiting for: Volume 4 of the highly acclaimed Essential House series! Good things take time and, believe us, we spent a long time working on this gigantic collection of more than 3,000 Electro, Disco and Funky House sounds that are sure to add a touch of ‘70s disco-house magic to any song!

Each sound is handpicked, and only the best of the best were included. Get ready for massive kicks, groovy basslines, modern house loops, funky synths and riffs, singing vocoders, FX, and the best collection of claps and snares you have ever heard. This one is going to revolutionize house music!


  • Over 3000 high quality Disco / Funky / House samples from Manuel Schleis
  • All drumloops and fills precisely cut at 128 BPM
  • Massive collection of pre-shifted claps with exact millisecond description
  • Synth sounds: ’70s chords, stabs, bass shots, arps, and funky vocoders
  • Kick free drum loops
  • Many cool effect sounds (impacts high/low, sweeps up/down, micro sweeps, slides, athmos, etc.)
  • The cleanest kicks you have ever heard
  • Many authentic real sounds, such as handclaps, guitars, saxophones, slap basses, pianos, etc.
  • Inspriring melody loops and mini construction kits
  • All samples have the magic ’70s vintage touch

Q: What is Vengeance Essential House? A: Vengeance Essential House is a sample pack created by Vengeance Sound, a German company that specializes in producing high-quality audio samples and plugins for electronic music production.

Q: What types of sounds are included in Vengeance Essential House?

A: Vengeance Essential House includes a variety of sounds commonly used in house music production, such as drum samples, basslines, synth melodies, vocal hooks, and sound effects.

Q: What software is required to use Vengeance Essential House?

A: Vengeance Essential House is a sample pack that can be used with any music production software that supports WAV files, such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, and Cubase.

Q: Can Vengeance Essential House be used in commercial music production?

A: Yes, Vengeance Essential House can be used in commercial music production, provided that the user has purchased a valid license for the sample pack.

Q: How much does Vengeance Essential House cost?

A: The cost of Vengeance Essential House varies depending on the version and format of the sample pack. As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, the price ranges from €79 to €209.

Q: What sets Vengeance Essential House apart from other sample packs?

A: Vengeance Sound is known for producing high-quality samples that are carefully crafted and professionally mixed. Vengeance Essential House is no exception, and its sound quality and usability make it a popular choice among electronic music producers.

Vengeance Essential House vol 2 – an extensive collection of samples in format WAV. The CD contains over 2400 high quality samples and loops ( bass , synths , percussion, special sounds , sound effects and much more) for creating club music in the styles of house, electro, electroclash, progressive, techno and others.
The second part of the popular library of high-quality samples to create dance music. Samples are presented in categories : Basses, Claps, Cymbals, FX, Kicks, Loops, Percussion, Snares, Special Sounds, Synths.
Here you will find the necessary samples hats , drums , claps – one word to you one of the best sample libraries of its kind vengeance essential house vol 2 torrent.

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