UAD Realverb–Pro Impulses (WAV) Downloadable Plugins

By | May 31, 2024

UAD Realverb–Pro Impulses

Year of manufacture: 2009
Developer: Uad
Format: Wav (16 bit, 44100Hz)
Origin: Black Market
System requirements: Pulse reverb.


UAD Realverb–Pro Impulses producing high quality reverberation, belonging to the “Realverb Pro” reverb from UAD.

UAD – Realverb Pro Features:

RealVerb Pro from Universal Audio features a highly flexible, natural-sounding reverb plugin known for its advanced algorithms that allow users to precisely shape the acoustic environment. The plugin leverages complex spatial and spectral modeling technology to provide realistic space simulations. Users can configure virtual rooms, adjust panning across the stereo spectrum, and choose from various room shapes and materials. Intuitive graphical menus provide preloaded part shapes and materials, allowing users to combine and customize these elements to meet specific mixing needs. Control of material thickness settings also enables creative effects and enhanced acoustic realism.

UAD Realverb–Pro Impulses features real-time performance without unwanted artifacts such as distortion, pops, clicks, or noise. Users can seamlessly switch between presets and adjust part shapes, sizes, and materials on the fly. This flexibility also extends to controlling early reflections and late reverberation fields, allowing precise manipulation of the sound field. The plugin includes additional features such as sync EQ and gain controls that further enhance its ability to create high-quality, immersive soundscapes. The psychoacoustic design principles built into RealVerb Pro enable it to deliver a natural and immersive spatial audio experience suitable for a wide range of recording and mixing applications.

UAD RealVerb Pro Reverb Guide:

The plugin’s extensive controls and visual feedback make it easy to use and offer extensive customization options. RealVerb Pro allows detailed control of the part’s spectral properties by adjusting shape, size, material and thickness. Users can choose from 15 part shapes, including classic plates and springs, and dynamically adjust part sizes from one to one hundred meters. The ability to mix two rooms to create hybrid environments and dynamic parameter adjustments in real time without artifacts make UAD–Realverb Pro Impulses a powerful tool for sound designers and audio engineers. The accurate representation of early reflections and reverberation decay rates, depending on room dimensions and materials, ensures that RealVerb Pro delivers a highly authentic reverberation experience.

List of Presets :

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Apartment Living
  • Big Ambience
  • Big Bright Hall
  • Big Cement Room
  • Big Empty Stadium
  • Big Snare
  • Big Warm Hall
  • Cathedral
  • Church
  • Dark Ambience
  • Drums in a Vat
  • Eternity
  • Far Away Source
  • Ghost Voice
  • Hairy Snare
  • High Ceiling_Room
  • Jazz Club
  • Large Bathroom
  • Large Dark_Hall
  • Long Tube
  • Medium Drum_Room
  • Nice Vocal_1
  • Nice Vocal_2
  • Slap Back
  • Small Bright_Room
  • Small Dark_Room
  • Sparkling Hall
  • Tight Spaces
  • Wooden Hall

Choosing Between DreamVerb and Plate 140

Versatility vs. Specific Sound: If you need a versatile reverb plugin that can simulate a variety of realistic spaces with detailed control, DreamVerb is the better choice. If you are looking for the distinct, warm sound of a vintage plate reverb, Plate 140 is the way to go.

Complexity vs. Simplicity: DreamVerb offers more features and controls, which can be great for advanced users who want to fine-tune their reverb. Plate 140 offers a simpler interface focused on delivering a specific, high-quality reverb sound with minimal tweaking.

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