Acustica Audio – ASH + Ultra – 2023 REPACK (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

By | December 14, 2023

Acustica Audio – ASH + Ultra – 2023 REPACK (VST, VST3, AAX) [WiN x64]

Year/Date of Issue: 11/26/23
Developer: Acustica Audio.
Developer website: Acustica Audio ASH.. Acustica Audio ASH Ultra
Format: VST, VST3, AAX.
Bit depth: 64bit
Tablet: Cured [R2R]
System requirements: WIN 10+

Acustica plugins require installation:
>>> Acustica Framwork <<<

Ash is the first Acqua plugin to offer a unique collection of classic clipping patterns from the most renowned high-end converters.
It’s the perfect tool to help you achieve the sound you want in record time.
You can choose from several schemes to give your mix the character you need.
In seconds you’ll have punchy, dynamic, clean tracks with tons of volume thanks to this high-end clipping monster. Ash Ultra is the coolest newest addition to ASH’s ever-evolving suite of plugins.
This new plugin represents the cutting edge of clipping.
It is based on the new ‘Aria’ engine, which supports real-time measurement display and provides significant new capabilities.
It’s designed for user convenience and delivers exceptional results – truly a godsend.

Peculiarities :
Two different plugins to choose from (Ash and Ash “Flat”).
Five different skins for Ash.
Five different families of classic and modern clipping patterns from the most famous high-end converters.
Advanced RMS and LUFS measurement system.
Acustica’s best brickwall limiter included.
High quality oversampling up to 1024x (the highest and best on the market) with perfect phase response.
Several listening modes (Δ, LR, M, S).
True Peak mode to prevent peaks between samples.
High quality, distinctive sound.
Low latency and extremely low CPU load.
Resizable and more responsive GUI. ASH Ultra

Hyper 3 technology.
New “Anti-Aliasing” algorithm, which significantly reduces aliasing problems in the plugin.
New high quality dither algorithm with 8 different modes.
5 dither bit depth modes.
New high-quality cropping algorithm, even more efficient.
Improved sample clipping curves thanks to a new anti-aliasing process.
New ‘Aria’ engine supporting new dynamic/real-time metering displays.
Advanced metering system with real-time waveform display: New visual interface The new visual interface, including RMS input and output RMS meters and GR meters, is designed to quickly identify peaks and extremes in an audio signal. This feature allows you to constantly monitor the decay curve and amount of distortion/clipping of the plugin. This is an important addition, especially useful when mixing and mastering, as it allows you to understand in real time how your audio signal is performing and whether there are any obvious problems, such as excessive distortion.
The Knee display is used to display the static compression curve.
Visual control and precise calibration: Ash Ultra fits into the landscape of plugins that stand out with strong graphics components, offering the following key benefits
providing highly detailed presentation of audio information. This is especially valuable for audio engineers who seek to gain highly detailed insight into audio information. This is especially valuable for sound engineers seeking to fine-tune parameters with maximum precision, allowing them to accurately calibrate existing controls. For example, when working on saturation in detail, detailed visualization is extremely useful. It is also useful when specific technical settings or audio production standards need to be met.
Instant Feedback: Improved instant response of controls that can provide immediate feedback on the impact of your adjustments, allowing you to make real-time changes to the signal to quickly achieve your desired sound.
Easy to use and attractive interface.
High quality oversampling up to 1024x (the highest and best on the market) with perfect phase response.
Hard and soft knee functions with very low aliasing.
True peak mode to prevent inter-sample peaks.
25 analog clipping modes with sampling, custom and super linear modes developed based on ASH.

About Repack :
All files were taken from the Acustica Audio release from R2R and repackaged as an installer to facilitate installation/removal and save hard drive space.
All credit goes to R2R

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