808 drum kits

Artsy Trap Drum Kit – The Producers Choice (WAV)

808 drum kits

Publisher : The Producers Choice
Website : theproducerschoice.com
Format : WAV Artsy Trap Drum Kit
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :

The Producers Choice – Artsy Trap Drum Kit – A powerful set of condensed Trap drum samples with unique and rare recordings processed with 808 sounds.

Content :

109 wav
Claps & snaps
Hats & cymbals
Percs & loops

Is This The World’s BEST Trap Drum Kit?

Powerful artsy trap drum kit, fused with unique and rare recordings 109 sounds divided into 7 folders (808, Claps & Snaps, Hats & Cymbals, Kicks, Percs & Loops, SFX and Snares) One of the most creative kits you’ve ever heard You’ll have HOURS of fun making music with this kit – instant inspiration from the start.

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Download Link

► Get your copy at http://www.theproducerschoice.com/pro…

Created by Julez Jadon, Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. Distributed by Producers Choice. Directed and edited by FEDA FILM.

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80s r&b drum kit:


You have been following me slowly tests over the past month the 80s r&b drum kit is finally out there’s a lot of sounds in this one orbital drum kit.
808 Drum Kits:


I’m gonna be showing you guys all the sounds in 808 drum kits as well as making a fire beat using this drum kit aka a cook up video so let’s go over to my desk and check it out.
808 Drum Kits For Sale:


We recording my screen 808 drum kits for sale, go through these sounds and show you what exactly is in this kit before we get into it.
Sean Divine 336 Drum Kit:


If you use the code orbital for the next until I post the next video you can get a discount on sean divine 336 drum kit probably for the next 48 hours after this video goes out.
Bundle Drum Kit:


I would assume this everything bundle drum kit is easily the kid I spent the most amount of time on so far I didn’t want to rush it at all I really tested these sounds to get the sounds that I like and that I want to use getting things.
40 Shebib Drum Kit:


That 40 shebib drum kit a little bit different from the usual but they still work for your beats anyways let’s get through some of these sounds you got your kicks this one’s called extra farthest find out fooled oh wow okay something kicks are pretty hard to make a good sounding kick especially when you already have one that kind of works.
Sean Divine The 336 Drum Kit Vol 2:


I spent a lot of time just making the producers choice sean divine the 336 drum kit vol 2 kicks eye percussion sounds something that I think really makes your beats unique is when you hear these like even listening to Aries music the other day man when I was at his concert just listening to all those crazy sounds he throws in his in his music.
Trapped In The 80s Drum Kit:
That’s what makes you kind of unique so trapped in the 80s drum kit, all these sounds forty-seven 84 wish wishing eat user mr. young Metro next one is the hi-hats appreciate duplex echo hat-trick makeup Mars mixed over it Rando Saturn save it.
Best Hip Hop Drum Sample Pack:
Where are we zoo open hats all these open has to kind of have like a weird like Spacey feel to best hip hop drum sample pack that’s the best way I can explain it but let’s go through them Fido lesson lucid mango small sweet upward whitlow and that’s it alright let’s go through the boxes motion vocal loops these are loose that I created myself it has the BPM right here.
Night At The Drum Shop:
I use night at the drum shop from all my other kits that I’ve been using out for like years and it’s labeled here which kids from so I
include that as a bonus I didn’t even include that in the hundred and fourteen sounds total I just wanted to give you guys that just in case you haven’t checked out any of the other kits.
The 6ix Producer Pack:
Just give you some hot sounds just because it’s trapped in the 80s drum kit so those are all the sounds I’m hyped I’m gonna pick one of the 6ix producer pack melodies right here it’s so good I
might use Patrol I don’t know I’m gonna pick one of these and we’re gonna make a crazy video I know with this patrol loop there’s four different parts 130 BPM I’m probably gonna start with this part
if it using these sounds out for months.
Sounds From The 6:
I already know all of sounds from the 6 I’m just a high hat clap just to get into this 130 BPM this is about to be crazy good a rim shot to both so I got the Lucid open hat right here as well I might add the appreciate high hat I might add this one underneath just to give the rolls with a different high I like to do that from time to time I have the slosh right here I’m try as much as I can without doing too much just to show off some all right so a beat was made in about four minutes I might arrange this really quickly.
Orbital Drum Kit:
I am I gonna record a song with this or what Tschida not put this in the kit so I leave this without the artsy trap drum kit imagine so I’m bout to play this beat for you guys in a second this is amazing this is far if you want to check out the orbital drum kit go to Kyle be calm slash kits or just click the first link in the description below you can use the code orbital for the next 48 hours to get a discount on the kit dude this beat is amazing that I made today I love that – that wheezy 808 wheezy 2.0 yeah you can download the kit.

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