Free Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer by Bertom Audio VST Download

By | December 20, 2022


Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer Download is a free analyzer/signal generator plugin that can analyze any plugin’s (or hardware’s) frequency response in real time, including magnitude and phase. accessible as VST3, AAX, and AU. In this “Quick Tip Tutorial,” record producer and Factory Underground Tech Instructor Kenny Cash discusses the Bertom Audio EQ Curve Analyzer and how novice engineers and producers can use it to learn about analog gear.

Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer Download

That’s right, any audio engineer can now get real analog curves and measure them along side their plugin counterparts. I’m gonna let you see under the hood of a real pultec eqp1a, api 5500 and even a universal audio la2a. I’m also going to compare the curves with the noiseash ruletec, waves 550b and timp opto 32, analog obsession lala and uad teletronix la2a compressor plugin.


Secondary and post-secondary school of music, audio, and film production that has received national accreditation. Our students learn in a professional recording and video studio setting while gaining practical experience and real-world production credentials. Located in Norwalk, Connecticut’s Wall Street neighborhood. To view the frequency and phase response of any plugin, use the analyzer and signal generator plugin Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer (or hardware).

How to match the curves of analog hardware and analog emulation plugins in your DAW!!

I’m a Scottish youtuber, audio engineer, mixing engineer, and audio geek by the name of Paul Third. I primarily write about audio engineering-related topics, from genuine analog vs. digital / gear vs. plugin tests via access analog and mix analog to audio plugin shootouts / comparisons (acustica audio plugins, universal audio, etc.). In my plugin reviews, I also give ddmf plugindoctor lessons so that you may test your own plugins, explore, and learn what is really happening on inside.

I occasionally talk about online music retailers like distrokid and onerpm as well as the distribution of digital music. I’m giving you this tool so you can examine your plugins and determine exactly how your sound is being equalized and what it is doing to it. It is totally free and available for PC, Mac, and Linux in VST, Au, and AAX. In this video, I demonstrate how to analyze plugins using examples from several different Pultec brands, including Wav3s Plugins, Ik Multimedia Plugins, and UAD Plugins.

How to use Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer

I utilize HOFA blind test 4U and avid pro tools 2021, both of which are my primary daws, to do all of my audio blind testing involving music production software. I use an Audio Technica AT2050 for all of my voice overs and an Audient ID44 as my audio interface for recording and monitoring.

I thought I would try and see if I could get the Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer Download of analog gear via Access Analog to appear in bertom Curve Analyzer (free vst plugin) utilizing ddmf Metaplugin’s internal Routing after my post last week detailing the differences between non linear eq and linear digital eq’s. Paul Third can now demonstrate how to match the EQ curves of analogue gear with audio plugins for the first time on Mixing Wednesday.


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