Black Octopus Sound – East Coast Hip Hop (WAV)

By | March 20, 2024

Black Octopus Sound – East Coast Hip Hop (WAV)

Publisher: Black Octopus Sound
Format: WAV
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Welcome to the old school! It’s an iconic sound library with the smoothest, most vibrant hip-hop vibe straight from the east coast. East Coast Hip Hop is innovation and pure inspiration for the creation of hip hop and rap music.
Inside this flaming package are cut and sampled drum beats perfect for overdubbing. Along with the brilliantly crafted bits are pre-cut loops. It gives you a real east coast flavor with musical cuts that fit perfectly with the grooves. Do you want to cut the sounds yourself? No problem! Also inside are bass, full ensembles, full layers, and instrumental loops in raw form. Giving you all the customizable sounds to keep that vibe at its peak!
Inspired by Public Enemy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Nas, to name a few.

Content :
• 270 Chopped Loops (85 BPM, 90 BPM & 95 BPM)
• 54 Music Loops
• 162 Drum Loops
• 54 Full Loops
• 160 Original Loops (70 BPM)
• 80 Instrument Loops
• 40 Ensemble Loops
• 20 Bass Loops
• 20 Full Loops

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