Cymatics Omega Production Suite Hande Free Download 2023

By | July 6, 2023

cymatics omega

Publisher : Cymatics
Website : Cymatics
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

What exactly comes with OMEGA

OMEGA is our highest quality production suite, including a world class library of over 2,100+ samples, loops, and synth patches. It was created by some of the industries most talented songwriters, sound designers, and musicians.

How much does OMEGA cost?

We’re comparing the quality of OMEGA to premium sound libraries and top industry software that usually cost $3,000-$5,000 to use and license. But it won’t be anywhere near that much — the price will be released on launch day.

How do I get the exclusive OMEGA Collector’s Edition USB?

The first 150 producers to get OMEGA will receive the exclusive OMEGA Collector’s Edition USB that contains secret content.

Does OMEGA come with bonuses?

We’ve included 7 incredible bonuses that complete the OMEGA experience. They haven’t been officially announced yet, but they will be included.

Description :

Cymatics is a company that gives free high quality sample packs, with some paid premium options as well. Their latest big release, Dragon, is a production suite for hip hop and trap music with thousands of samples from melody loops to drums samples and MIDI.

What is Omega?

cymatics omega is by far one of the highest quality production kits we have ever created. We attracted the best sound designers in the music industry, as well as world-class songwriters and musicians with tens of thousands of hours of collaborative experience to help. They worked day and night with our own recording instrumental group, experimented with new synthesizers, did several sessions and much more.

In Fact, Cymatics Omega Production Suite includes the hard work and tens of thousands of hours and attempts of audio designers which socialized with themselves to produce something original and unique. All the included sounds are designed and motivated by a expert sound designer and supply the application users to make a rich and one of a kind audio undertaking. It includes 2100+ loops, samples, synth patches, and much more in a single kit. All of the sounds are listed with own tools and are experimented with all fresh synthesizers and performed several sound productions and more to get the very best and best quality.


And the result is a flawless combination of amazing sound design and incredible melodic elements.
Meaning cymatics omega torrent will not only help you take your songwriting skills to the next level, but it will also give you the proper tools to make your improved melodies and progressions sound polished and professional.

You’ll find 2,100+ high quality samples, loops, and synth patches, as well as tons of incredible bonuses that complete the OMEGA experience with MIDI, studio acapellas, and more! We seriously went ALL out to make OMEGA a truly revolutionary tool that will help you make timeless music. There will only be 1,500 copies released on February 26th though, so make sure you get on this Early Access List!


  1. Therefore, Improve sound design skills.
  2. Included with 2100+ samples, loops and more.
  3. Simple and easy to use.
  4. Inspired and developed by professionals.
  5. Kit with sounds and tools.
  6. Combine to achieve incredible melodic and impressive sounds.

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