Download Link Chocolate Audio The 88 Series – Model 80 Latest

By | November 3, 2023

Download Link Chocolate Audio The 88 Series

Publisher: Chocolate Audio
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Download Link Chocolate Audio The 88 Series – Model 80 Latest A sample library of the Yamaha CP8 compact electric grand piano, a tribute to and love for the sound that defined an era. Before sampling, the piano was properly restored and tuned. Particular attention was paid to recreating the characteristic abrupt sound of the middle registers, reducing the depth of the lows and high octaves. Our goal was to achieve a high level of quality and it was not easy. The onboard electronics were very noisy and the piano also made a lot of noise, even though it was electric. But through the care and attention that went into restoring, preparing, tuning and sampling this amazing technical excellence, we have managed to capture what we consider to be the finest rendition of this classic compact electric grand piano.

Additional Information :

  • 12 sustaining dynamic layers, chromatically sampled
  • 9 release trails layers, chromatically sampled
  • independently controllable sustain-pedal resonances
  • key-release noise for added authenticity
  • sustain-pedal down and up noise layers
  • a top-notch rendition of the Yamaha CP80 compact electric grand piano
  • sampled direct from the output to a Millennia preamp and Apogee converter
  • all of the details of the piano recreated through the use of our custom advanced scripting
  • recorded at 24 bit / 96 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
  • dry recordings allows for maximum flexibility and sound design, either using Kontakt’s own effect or your
  • choice of third party plug-ins.

The bundled package comprises four distinct libraries totaling 47 instruments and 41,736 samples encompassing a diverse array of musical styles and production techniques. These libraries span from acoustic grand pianos to upright and electric piano models.

The package includes the Model 7 Grand, Model D Grand, Steinbach Upright, and O.D.D. Grand Pianos, each of which boasts four individual microphone sources. Notably, the O.D.D. Grand Piano encompasses three NKI Instruments, each featuring a unique quartet of microphones.

Download Link Chocolate Audio The 88 Series

The microphones used in this collection were thoughtfully selected from a pool of 29 potential sources, all of which are renowned models and meticulously recorded with the most direct path to the converters. This recording setup included prestigious preamps such as Millennia, Neve, SSL, and Focusrite, all connected to Apogee converters operating at a 96K resolution.

Kontakt engine features:

  • custom User Interface.
  • velocity curve management.
  • piano tone control, makes the piano sound softer or harder under your fingers.
  • custom touch responsecontrol: set at minimum you’ll get the full sound of the piano with added latency (good for mixing), at higher levels cuts more and more into the piano pre-attack portion allowing for very low perceived latency when needed (good for tracking and live playing).
  • fine-tuned three-band EQ for each channel.
  • many under the hood techniques to make the piano true to the original (life-like re-pedaling, release trails attenuation, intelligent attenuation of each single dynamic layer for maximum dynamic response…).
  • master realism control and specific control over release trails, key off, resonances and pedal noise levels.
  • envelope controls.
  • 17 custom, high quality IR reverbs.
  • 22 (+ 22) compressor + tape presets.
  • 34 factory presets + user-savable presets.
  • works as stand-alone, AAX, RTAS, AU and VST for Mac and PC.

The choice of recording venues was tailored to complement the characteristics of the respective pianos. A spacious studio with a concert-like room was employed for the grand pianos, ensuring rich, resonant grand codas, while a medium-sized studio with lively acoustics was chosen for the upright piano recordings.

The Model 80 Electric Grand stands out as a valuable addition to this collection. It is the sole electric piano equipped with authentic piano hammer mechanics making it an iconic sound reminiscent of the music of the ’70s and ’80s.

NEW Version 2.0 of The 88 Series Pianos engine is out

V. 2 represents a new version of our engine. Here are the changes since v. 1.0 (include v. 1.5 too):


  1. Fixed a bug in Mute/Solo logic
  2. Fixed bugs in Release, Resonances and Release Trails samples playback
  3. Fixed some graphics bugs
  4. Other minor bug-fixes

  1. Added Previous/Next Preset buttons
  2. Added support for continuous Sustain Pedal (Half-Pedaling)
  3. Added Advanced Settings page with Key Level Trimmer
  4. Added Credits page
  5. New GUI

  1. Vastly improved .nki program for Model D Grand
  2. Dramatically improved CPU and Voice management
  3. Improvements in many small aspects of the pianos

The Bundle

This bundle features the following products:

  • O.D.D. Grand
  • Model 7 Grand
  • Model D Grand
  • Steinbach Upright
  • Model 80 Electric Grand

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