Download Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Mint v1.1.0

By | October 20, 2023

Download Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Mint

Download Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Mint v1.1.0

Dive deeper into SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC MINT and discover how you can use its many features to inspire your songwriting. Sampled from a 1960 USA-made solid-body electric guitar, ELECTRIC MINT comes loaded with 222 playable patterns, authentic articulations, and a range of onboard effects to inspire productions in any genre.

Native Instruments – Session Guitarist – Electric Mint Include

  • Content Library
  • Funk Patterns
  • Wah-Wah Effect
  • MIDI Drag&Drop (Songwriter demo)
  • MIDI Drag&Drop (Rock demo)
  • Tremolo Bar Vibrato & Melody mode
  • Rock Guitar Arrangement
  • Five Guitar Pickup Signals
  • Tone Control, Mic Signal & Doubling
  • Studio FX, Amps, Pedals & Presets
  • EDM Guitar Arrangement

Electric Mint: Igniting Creativity in Music Production

Electric Mint: Our Latest Session

Electric Mint, the revolutionary music production software, is here to redefine your music creation process. Crafted meticulously for musicians and producers, Electric Mint introduces a world of possibilities with its innovative features and timeless sound. In this article, we delve into the heart of Electric Mint, exploring its groundbreaking components and showcasing its immense potential.

Vintage Inspiration: Guitarist Instrument Sampled from a 1960s USA-Built Electric Guitar

At the core of Electric Mint lies the soul of a vintage electric guitar, a relic from 1960s USA. Carefully sampled, this instrument embodies the essence of classic rock, blues, and funk, delivering a sound that resonates with authenticity and nostalgia.

Packed with Innovation: New Features and Improvements

Electric Mint is not just another software; it’s a game-changer. With 222 meticulously crafted patterns, a comprehensive MIDI drag and drop feature, new speaker cabinets, and convolution reverb presets, this software is designed to kickstart your songwriting process. The addition of 71 sound presets and an improved song browser enhances the user experience, making creativity flow effortlessly.

Exploring the Content Library

Pre-listen Feature: A Gateway to Instant Creativity

Electric Mint introduces the pre-listen feature in the song browser, allowing users to instantly preview each song preset without the need to load the song first. This feature serves as a gateway to creativity, enabling musicians to explore and experiment seamlessly.

Fun Patterns and Modulation Mastery

Addressing the demand for more fun patterns, Electric Mint delivers an array of funky rhythms. The new Wah-Wah effect, equipped with diverse modulation presets, empowers users to create signature Wah-Wah patterns. Additionally, the software allows real-time modulation assignments, enabling musicians to shape their sound as they play.

Power of MIDI Drag and Drop

Electric Mint’s MIDI drag and drop feature revolutionizes music composition. Users can drag included voicings and phrases directly into their arrange window, edit pitches, and create unique melodies. The software also provides chord progressions for each pattern, offering a dynamic platform for creative exploration.

Innovative Vibrato Styles and Guitar Signals

Vibrato Redefined: Tremolo Bar Vibrato & Melody Mode

Electric Mint introduces new vibrato presets, emulating the tremolo bar’s pitch-lowering effect. This addition, combined with finger vibrato that raises the pitch, provides musicians with unparalleled control over their sound.

Versatility in Signals: Five Guitar Pickup Signals

With three single coil pickups that can be used individually or combined, Electric Mint offers five distinct guitar signals. This versatility caters to diverse musical preferences, allowing musicians to craft their unique sonic identity.

Studio-grade Effects and Presets

Electric Mint doesn’t just stop at exceptional guitar sounds; it offers a comprehensive studio experience. Musicians can fine-tune their tone with tone controls, add depth with mic signals, and enhance width with stereo doubling. Moreover, the software boasts an extensive collection of studio effects, amps, speakers, and stomp boxes. With 71 sound presets sorted by category, finding the perfect sound has never been easier.

Endless Possibilities, One Software: Crafting Your Unique Sound

As demonstrated through various arrangements, Electric Mint unlocks endless combinations of sounds, patterns, and chord progressions across multiple musical styles. Whether you’re into rock, blues, funk, or EDM, Electric Mint empowers you to create music that resonates with your soul.

Thank you for joining us on this musical journey through Electric Mint. For more information and a plethora of audio demos, visit Experience the innovation firsthand and discover the limitless possibilities that Electric Mint has to offer. Let your creativity soar and your music thrive with Electric Mint.

Message by Native Instruments Developer

For more than 25 years, Native Instruments has been at the heart of musical innovation. We’ve created communities, pushed technological boundaries, and opened new creative horizons for amateurs and professionals alike. Today, driven by our mission to make music creation more inclusive and accessible, NI’s hardware, software, and services including MASCHINE, TRAKTOR, and KOMPLETE bundles, provide fully-integrated solutions for musicians, producers, and DJs of all genres and levels of experience.

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