Download Slate Digital ANA2 v2.5.3 Ultra Bundle Windows

By | August 12, 2023

Introducing the ANA2 Ultra Bundle v2.5.3 for Windows by Slate Digital!

Download Slate Digital ANA2 v2.5.3: Get ready to dive into the world of audio possibilities with the latest update to the most powerful synthesizer on the market. Whether you’re into Eurorack, Sad Trap, Cinematic, Detroit, or anything in between, the ANA 2 Ultra has you covered. Packed with countless features and now available exclusively with Slate Digital’s All Access Pass, this suite is a game-changer for music creators.

Download Slate Digital ANA2 v2.5.3

Imagine having massive, earth-shaking bass linDownloades, lush pads that transport you to ethereal realms, an emotional wail that tugs at the heartstrings, and a treasure trove of presets designed to energize your creative process at your fingertips. Look no further, the ANA 2 Ultra is here to unleash your next hit.

Unleash the full potential of your sound design with a powerful selection of 3 wavetable oscillators, 3 samplers and an impressive selection of 46 filter types. The ANA 2 Ultra Pack redefines what a synthesizer can achieve, leaving other competitors in awe.

Features of Slate Digital ANA2 v2.5.3:

  1. High-Quality Sound Engine: ANA 2 is built upon a high-quality virtual analog sound engine that aims to reproduce the warmth and character of classic analog synthesizers.
  2. Multiple Oscillators: The plugin typically offers multiple oscillators, including analog-style waveforms such as sawtooth, square, triangle, and more. These oscillators can be used to create the foundation of your sound.
  3. Modulation Options: ANA 2 provides an array of modulation sources, such as envelopes, LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), and more. These modulation sources allow you to shape and evolve your sounds dynamically over time.
  4. Advanced Filters: The plugin usually includes a variety of filter types, like low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and more. Filters are crucial for shaping the timbre and character of your sound.
  5. Intuitive Interface: ANA 2 typically features a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to visually design your sounds. The interface often provides clear representations of oscillators, filters, modulation sources, and effects.
  6. Built-in Effects: The plugin usually offers built-in effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, distortion, and more. These effects can help you add depth, dimension, and character to your sounds without needing additional plugins.
  7. Extensive Preset Library: The ANA2 Ultra Bundle often comes with a substantial library of presets and expansion packs. These presets cover a wide range of genres and styles, providing a starting point for your sound design or music production.
  8. Expandability: The bundle typically includes expansion packs that offer additional presets, sounds, and content to further enhance your creative possibilities.
  9. Real-Time Knobs and Controls: ANA 2 often features real-time knobs and controls that allow you to manipulate various parameters in real-time, providing an interactive and dynamic sound design experience.
  10. MIDI Learn: The plugin usually supports MIDI Learn functionality, allowing you to map hardware controllers or MIDI messages to various parameters within the plugin.
  11. Resizable GUI: Some versions of ANA 2 may offer a resizable graphical user interface, allowing you to customize the size of the plugin window according to your workspace preferences.

While flagship synth plugins like UVI Falcon 2, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, and Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger have established themselves as complete audio synthesis workstations, ANA 2 Ultra ranks high among them. Originally flying under the radar, the ANA 2 was a closely guarded secret known only to a select group of insiders. Thanks to its inclusion in the Slate Digital All Access Pass, this once-hidden gem has risen to prominence in the maker community.

But that’s not all – get ready for a massive influx of creativity with over 400 new presets, massive new wavetables, hundreds of cutting-edge samples, 6 new sound banks and a host of exciting new skins. And the excitement doesn’t stop there – keep your ears open for new sounds all year round.

ANA2 Ultra v2.5.3 for Windows:

If you’re ready to take your music production game to new heights, ANA2 Ultra Bundle v2.5.3 is your ticket to an unprecedented audio journey. Unleash your inner artist and harness the power of this synthesizer wonderland, available only through Slate Digital’s All Access Pass. Let the musical adventure begin!

The ANA 2 Ultra Bundle goes beyond being just a single synthesizer. It embodies the collection of every synthesizer you’ve ever dreamt of having. Whether your musical exploration leads you to Eurorack, Sad Trap, Cinematic compositions, Lofi vibes, Modern Hip-Hop beats, or any other sonic realm, you’ll find it all right here. Unveil an extensive array of fresh presets, each capable of infusing life into your music. Take a glimpse into the realm of astonishingly innovative sounds that await you.

And that’s not all. There’s no need to scour the internet for exceptional new sounds, because the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle continually enriches its library with new additions throughout the year. Spend your precious time on creation, not on the hunt for sounds.

Think of the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle as the Netflix equivalent for synthesizers:

Exclusively available within the All Access Pass, the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle isn’t the only treasure you’ll unlock. Gain access to a treasure trove of over 60 professional plugins that have been wielded by award-winning producers across diverse genres. Dive into a collection of thousands of royalty-free samples spanning Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, and more. Elevate your production skills with over 100 video tutorials designed to refine your craft, and a wealth of other valuable resources awaits.


What expansions are included in the ANA2 Ultra Bundle?

The specific expansions included in the bundle might vary, but they typically cover various genres and styles. Some examples might include EDM, trance, house, and more. These expansions provide additional presets and sounds to enhance the capabilities of ANA 2.

How much does the ANA2 Ultra Bundle cost?

The cost of the ANA2 Ultra Bundle can vary depending on promotional offers, discounts, and other factors. It’s advisable to check the official Slate Digital website or authorized retailers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Is there a demo version available?

Slate Digital often provides demo versions of their plugins, including ANA 2. These demos allow users to try out the plugin’s features and functionality before making a purchase.

What are the system requirements for the ANA2 Ultra Bundle?

Virtual instruments often have specific system requirements in terms of operating system compatibility, CPU power, RAM, and other technical specifications. Users should check the official product page or documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding system requirements.

Can ANA 2 presets be customized?

Yes, ANA 2 presets can typically be customized and adjusted to create unique sounds. The plugin offers a range of parameters for modifying oscillators, filters, modulation sources, effects, and more.

Is the ANA2 Ultra Bundle compatible with my DAW?

ANA 2 and its expansions are designed to work as plugins within various digital audio workstations (DAWs). They are typically available in common plugin formats such as VST, AU, and AAX. Compatibility might vary, so it’s recommended to check the plugin formats supported by your specific DAW.

System Requirements:


  • Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
  • A compatible VST, VST3, or AAX host application
  • 4GB of RAM or more
  • Dual-core processor or higher
  • Internet connection for product activation and updates


  • macOS 10.9 or later (64-bit)
  • A compatible AU, VST, VST3, or AAX host application
  • 4GB of RAM or more
  • Dual-core processor or higher
  • Internet connection for product activation and updates



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