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By | November 9, 2023

The Ultimate Saturation Solution!

Are you tired of your audio falling flat and lacking that wow factor? The secret to transforming dull sounds into vibrant masterpieces lies in one word: saturation. But hold on, it’s not just about the quantity – it’s about the quality and character too. That’s where Plamen comes in, your new best friend in the world of audio enhancement.

United VST Plugins & Soundevice Digital

Download United VST Plugins & Soundevice Digital Plamen v1.0 Free is not your ordinary saturator; it’s a multi-band powerhouse designed to give each frequency band the TLC it deserves. Our philosophy is simple: treat every frequency with individual care. This unique approach is what sets Plamen apart, as it lets you shape and saturate different bands separately, resulting in a beautifully balanced tone that can even be achieved in parallel!

Plamen Key Features:

  1. Tonal Balance in 5 Bands: Achieve balanced and pleasing tonal character by adding warmth and harmonics selectively to five adjustable frequency ranges.
  2. Targeted Enhancement: Focus on specific mix elements to enhance warmth, richness, harmonics, and sparkle, contributing to clearer, standout mixes.
  3. Wide Range of Use: Ideal for vocals, instruments, and master tracks, allowing sound designers and producers to experiment and create unique textures and timbres.
  4. Simple Operation: Easily apply saturation using knobs for saturation type, input gain, MOJO (color), and output volume. AGC Boost for extra drive.
  5. Five Types of Saturation: Choose from five distinct saturation types, including analog preamp, tape saturation, and clipping, for each frequency band.
  6. Tape Wow: Add vintage tape recorder-like flutter effect for added character.
  7. Flexible Crossover: Four crossover points with Linear phase or Analog 6dB/octave type for precise frequency control.
  8. Band Solo/Mute: Solo or mute frequency bands, apply saturation individually, and use parallel Mojo or Dry/Wet mix for creative control.
  9. Oversampling: 2x, 4x, and 8x options ensure pristine audio quality by reducing artifacts and aliasing.
  10. Czech-Inspired Name: “Plamen” means “flame” in Czech, symbolizing warmth and character.
  11. Hassle-Free Protection: Activation without iLok or internet access, using license files.
  12. Realistic 3D GUI: Photorealistic interface adapts to your needs, resizable for screen space or ease of use.
  13. 15-Day Free Trial: Unlimited trial with full plugin capabilities for hands-on experience.
  14. High-Quality 64-bit Audio: Internal 64-bit processing supports any sampling rate, up to 192 kHz.
  15. Smart Bypass: Seamless parameter automation without clicks or noise, compensates for latency.
  16. Intelligent Sleep on Silence: Automatically conserves CPU resources when no processing is required.
  17. Free-for-Life Updates: Stay current with operating systems and DAWs, without any additional costs.

Let’s delve into the magic that Plamen brings to your audio. Imagine your audio spectrum divided into distinct frequency ranges, each with its own energy level. When saturation is applied uniformly across the board, the result can be lackluster. Plamen changes the game by granting you the power to infuse warmth and harmonics into five customizable frequency ranges, all running in parallel. The outcome? A tonal character that’s not only balanced but downright enchanting.

Plamen by Soundevice Digital

With Plamen in your toolbox, you’re the maestro sculpting your mix. Enhance bass frequencies with cozy warmth, let instruments shine through the mix by adding harmonics to the mids, or sprinkle a touch of brilliance onto the treble. It’s all about precision and highlighting the unique elements that make your mix stand out.

Plamen’s versatility shines whether you’re working on individual tracks, vocals, or even master tracks. It’s the perfect playground for sound designers and producers yearning to craft distinct sounds. By tailoring saturation characteristics to specific frequency ranges and playing with dry/processed sound ratios, you’ll unlock textures, harmonics, and timbres that were once beyond your reach.

Worried about complexity?

Fear not! Despite Plamen’s array of knobs, applying saturation is a breeze. Select the saturation type, fine-tune the input gain for each band, dial in the parallel added color (MOJO), and balance the band’s output volume. Need more oomph? Engage AGC Boost for an extra 10 dB of power.

Plamen doesn’t just offer one-size-fits-all solutions – it’s your sonic palette with five distinct saturation types for each band. Whether you’re into the allure of simulated tape saturation (Magnetic) or the character of clipping, Plamen’s got you covered. And don’t forget the Tape Wow effect, reminiscent of vintage tape recorders’ charming pitch variation.

Dive into precision with four crossover points at your disposal. Shape your saturation adventure by targeting subwoofers, bass, low-mids, high-mids, and treble frequencies. The choice is yours – toggle between linear phase or classic 6dB/octave analog type crossovers.

Solo or mute individual frequency bands to fine-tune your approach. Want to test the influence of a specific band or apply saturation selectively? Plamen’s got your back. And the cherry on top? Experience Linear phase magic with not only drive input for bands but also a fully parallel Mojo or a Parallel Dry/Wet mix for the entire plugin.

But we’re not done yet – Plamen takes the audio experience to new heights with 2x, 4x, and 8x oversampling options. Achieve unparalleled fidelity and breathtaking sound quality by banishing artifacts and distortion. What you’re left with is pure, crystal-clear, professional-grade audio.

System Requirements for Plamen:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.9 or later
  • DAW Compatibility: VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin formats
  • Processor: Dual-core CPU or higher
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • Display: 1024×768 screen resolution or higher
  • Disk Space: 100 MB for installation
  • Internet Connection: Required for software activation
  • Optional: MIDI keyboard for parameter control (recommended)

Get ready to revolutionize your audio game with Plamen. Whether you’re a music aficionado, a sound designer, or a producer, this is your ticket to sonic excellence.

  • Available now: Soundevice.Digital.Plamen.v1.0-TCD
  • Compatible with x64: VST3, VST2, AAX | x86: VST3, VST2 📥

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