Evolution Series – World Strings Guzheng v1.0.0 Free Download

By | November 11, 2021

Evolution Series World Strings Guzheng

Evolution Series World Strings Guzheng v1.0.0

Evolution Series World Strings is the next chapter in our musical journey around the world. The Evolution series cooperates with the world renowned manufacturer Guzheng Hong Sound (Emilymax), specializing in unique handcrafted instruments. These instruments are a real gem and are used by some of the elite musicians in China and Taiwan. Intuitive Interface – Built for Kontakt, World Strings Guzheng features a simple yet intuitive interface. Our advanced scripting techniques help you control the emotional sounds of Guzhengs flawlessly.


Golden Recording – World Strings Guzheng for Kontakt takes instrument sampling to the next level. The combination of Hong Sound’s finest instrument and our equipment is pure gold recording.
Unparalleled Quality – This Guzheng library, recorded with state-of-the-art equipment, on the finest stage in the world, is a one-of-a-kind instrument and offers only the highest quality sound and endless creativity. We are honored to have created this inspiring instrument and we know you will love playing it.

Our award-winning team has gone to extraordinary lengths to capture the best musicians performing on a world-class stage. An exquisite instrument with the latest technology. This library offers unparalleled quality and endless creativity. We’ve spent thousands of hours making this library add a new dimension of authenticity to your next product. Like our other product lines, we always strive to capture lively and human performances so that playing the instrument is fun and intuitive.

Evolution Series World Percussion 2.0 Free Download

Articulation Boxes – There are 3 central boxes located immediately below the text of the title of the tool. In each field, you can select and download an articulation. Since there are 3 blocks, you can load up to 3 articulations per preset “slot”.

Articulation Box Threshold – Between the three fields of articulation there is a sensitivity threshold. It regulates movement between 3 boxes. For example, if the Vertical Mode is set to Velocity and the keystroke is between 0 and 80, you will play the lowest box, 81-109 will play the middle box, and 110-127 will play the top box.

Horizontal Mode – Controls access to the “slots” of the presets. The most common mode is “keyswitches”, although you can use any other midi CC between each slot.

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