Glitchmachines – Phenotype Vol.3 (WAV)

By | February 11, 2024

Glitchmachines – Phenotype Vol.3 (WAV)

Publisher: Glitchmachines
Format: WAV
Quality: 24bit 96kHz stereo

Description: Phenotype Vol.3 includes 397 alien collision sound effects with high-tech aesthetics. Sound designer Ivo Ivanov brings us a treasure trove of new beats, stingers, whistles and hits that can be adapted to electronic music elements such as drums, percussion, transitions and special effects, or game elements such as projectile design, weapon effects, motion signals, etc. D.
Phenotype Vol.3 contains nearly 2GB of 24bit/96kHz .wav audio content that is equally suited to music creation, game sound and multimedia applications. Whether you’re working on a blockbuster sci-fi shooter, an album of contemporary electronic music, or a high-tech multimedia project, you’re sure to find this compilation an indispensable resource.

Content :
397 samples

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