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By | October 3, 2023

gnealz drum kit

Publisher : Splice Sounds
Website :
Format : WAV
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :

Gnealz Drum Kit Download California, United States of America a holistic representation of the up-and-coming producer’s sonic palette. From thumping 808s to eerie melodic loops. Loota is a unique cajon-based drum set with tasty sounds for all rhythmic acoustic music needs. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around! Create punchy rhythms, add flavor to a larger composition or solo your heart out! Loota is designed in Finland. Loota can be played with soft drumsticks or brushes. You can pack all stuff like pedal and brushes inside the bass drum. Loota is a perfect drum set when you need quieter drum sounds or lighter touch on acoustic gigs.

Why I Create Drum Kits: A Journey of Passion and Sound Evolution

Music production is not just about talent; it’s about the tools you have at your disposal. For me, crafting the perfect drum kit became more than just a creative endeavor; it became a necessity. You might wonder, why keep making drum kits? Well, let me take you on a journey through my musical evolution and explain why creating Gnealz Drum Kit Download became a vital part of my artistic expression.

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The Genesis: LJ Drum Kit Volume One (2019)

Back in 2019, I released my first-ever drum kit, LJ Drum Kit Volume One. I was broke, trying to make a living off my music, and living in my garage. At that time, I was mainly focused on leasing beats on platforms like Beatstars. However, something unexpected happened – instead of attracting rappers, I found myself gaining a following of producers. This twist of fate led me to the natural next step in a producer’s career: creating a drum kit.

Finding My Sound: Alger Drum Kit Volume 2 (2020)

As my Lo-Fi career started taking off in 2020, I created Alger Drum Kit Volume 2. This kit marked a significant shift for me as I delved into the world of Lo-Fi, sampling sounds from my surroundings and creating unique textured beats. The response was overwhelming, leading to the launch of Proud by, my platform for music and merchandise.

Evolution and Innovation: LJ Drum Kit Volumes 3, 4, and 5 (2021-2023)

With each passing year, I pushed myself to innovate. LJ Drum Kit Volumes 3 and 4 showcased my dedication to refining my sound, but it was with LJ Drum Kit Volume Five in 2023 that I felt a sense of completion. This kit, comprising over 200 sounds, was a testament to my growth and the pinnacle of the LJ sound.

The Anatomy of LJ Drum Kit Volume Five

This latest kit boasts a diverse array of sounds, including 50 Foley sounds, 10 effect sounds, 20 hi-hats, 15 kicks, 20 percussion shots, and 15 snares. A standout addition was the Vox shots, inspired by the cinematic effects used by producers like Cooking Soul. These Vox shots elevate beats to new heights, adding a layer of depth and emotion.

The drum loops in LJ Drum Kit Volume Five were meticulously crafted, with 20 full drum loops, each with individual stems. The inclusion of live hi-hats, recorded in collaboration with a skilled drummer, added a human touch to the grooves, making the beats feel alive and dynamic.

The End of an Era and a New Beginning

You might be wondering why LJ Drum Kit Volume Five is the last in the series. The truth is, I questioned whether I could surpass the excellence of this kit. Having used these drums in my own beats, accumulating millions of streams, I realized the time had come to explore new avenues. While my journey as a kit creator concludes here, my commitment to providing quality sounds persists.

What’s Next in Drum Kit Volume 5?

Proud by is my new focus. While I may no longer release yearly drum kits, I will continue curating specialized packs, exploring different themes and sounds. This shift allows me to cater to a wider audience, experimenting with genres and styles to provide producers with diverse options.

To celebrate the release of LJ Drum Kit Volume Five, I’ve introduced a limited-time discount code for my dedicated website audience. The first 25 people to use the code displayed on the screen will enjoy a 20% discount on the pack. Additionally, for those who remain uncertain, there’s a free preview pack available, allowing you to test the sounds before making a decision.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each one of you who supported this series. Your encouragement propelled me to new heights, and I’m excited to continue this musical journey with you. Keep an eye on your emails for contest details and exciting updates. Thank you for being part of my creative evolution. Peace, and I’ll catch you in the next one!

Content In a new Loota drum set:

  • Loota drum heads are heat-treated birch.
  • New crasher is called Crash-Stack.
  • Cymbal clamp is on both sides of snare drum.
  • The snare drum is bent about 12cm forward (Better suitable for example tall players).
  • Loota snare drum is 12cm deep.
  • The snare drum head is made rough (Well suited for playing with brushes).
  • Bass drum hole is in front of bass drum.

Two colors available from PROFESSIONAL SERIES!

  • Dark Arctic Birch
  • Natural Arctic Birch
  • 35 LOOPS
  • 94 ONE SHOTS
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Apart From Gnealz Drum Kit Download the brand new Loota ”PROFESSIONAL SERIES” model is now available! We have developed the popular Loota drum set to be even higher quality and more functional. We have taken the feedback from the players into account in the product development and based on that we are now launching a new Professional Loota series. With the new product, Loota is even better suited to the needs of different players.

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