Hephaestus Sounds – Gran Coda v1.5 (KONTAKT)

By | January 23, 2024

Hephaestus Sounds – Gran Coda v1.5 (KONTAKT)

Publisher: Hephaestus Sounds
Website: Kontakthub
Format: KONTAKT 5.2.1+
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Gran Coda is a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt that brings you the stunning, detailed sound of a real concert piano. Sampled from a real Steinway & Sons concert piano, straight from fine tuning. The sound is extremely clear, dynamic and realistic by sampling every detail of the sound with very high sensitivity microphones.
Gran Coda offers realistically designed piano interfaces to inspire you as you work.

+ 48 KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution
+ 6.NKI presets
+ 5 dynamic layers smoothly connected to avoid sudden sound changes
+ Keys, Sustain pedal & Damper FX
+ Sustain pedal samples with Hephaestus’ IR Harmonic Restoration and Hephaestus’ Real-Time + Engine to switch between closed & damper samples in real-time when pressing the sustain pedal
+ Resonance & Key-off samples
+ Release key noises have a dedicated script to avoid the sustain pedal release conflict
+ Distance knob to move the piano away from you
+ Stereo knob to adjust the sound field
+ Soundboard, Presence and Exciter knobs to adjust the sound frequencies
+ Dedicated environment with an IR sample reverb
+ Compressed file size of ONLY 320 MB

History of changes :
— Gran Coda v1.5 for Kontakt —
*** UPDATE 5 Changelog ***
– Big sound enhancement on all presets
– Polyphony increased up to 256 notes
– Better managed decay
– Better transition between dynamic layers
– Minor bugs fixed
– This cumulative Update includes all the previous ones
*** UPDATE 4.1 Changelog ***
– CPU usage drastically reduced
– Fixed the latency issue when Realism slider is set to the max
– Improved response on the touch curve
– Added 5 new presets
– Minor bugs fixed
– This cumulative Update includes all the previous ones
*** UPDATE 4 Changelog ***
– Presets have been updated
– Added octave harmonizer using Modulation controller (>64)
– Fixed the release length on FF dynamics that was too short
– Improved overall stability
– New GUI developed by Divergent Audio Group
– Minor bugs fixed
– This cumulative Update includes all the previous ones
*** UPDATE 3 Changelog ***
– “Bump” noise of the sustain pedal has now the correct level
– Distance knob script redesigned: now, the level is auto-adjusted
– Fixed the retain memory bug for the Realism knob settings
– Fixed a duplicate note bug for Upright / Piano
– Added new preset: Gran Saloon
– Minor bugs fixed
– This cumulative Update includes all the previous ones
*** UPDATE 2 Changelog ***
– Added the new Realism knob, managing the best configuration for your CPU (LOW, SIMPLE, CLEAR, REAL)
– Overall CPU usage optimized
– Fixed a CPU issue on some machines that caused a sudden 100% CPU usage when releasing the sustain pedal
– Max polyphony turned down at 128 voices
– Individual groups polyphony optimized
– Minor bugs fixed
– This cumulative Update includes all the Update 1 fixes
LOW –> All complex algorithms disabled. Resonance, key-off, damper and sustain FX disabled. Very “basic” sound.
SIMPLE –> All complex algorithms disabled. Resonance, key-off and damper disabled. Simple sustain FX enabled.
CLEAR –> Resonance complex algorithm enabled. Damper enabled. Simple sustain FX enabled.
REAL –> All complex algorithms enabled. Key-off and damper enabled. Complex sustain FX algorithm enabled.
*** UPDATE 1 Changelog ***
– Fixed the loud “bump” that has been verified in some machines when opening the ‘Gran Coda On Stage’ preset
– New UI
– Fixed the issue on the ‘Gran Upright’ about the hi notes that weren’t in the correct octave
– Fixed the “extra-octave-keyoff” for the ‘Gran Fortepiano’ preset


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