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By | May 26, 2024


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Joe came from Cableguys. We are happy to announce our collaboration with Nicky Romero to bring you Kickstart 2, the fastest and easiest plugin for professional sidechain compression effects. Kickstart 2 maintains the fluid workflow of its predecessor, while adding powerful new features like audio triggering and multiband smoothing. It is now suitable for hip-hop, trap and drum and bass, as well as genres such as house, techno and EDM.

Quick Settings

Kickstart 2 simplifies classic sidechain dodge effects down to four stages. Upload this to the channel of your choice; default settings will increase the bass volume with each beat, so the beats will have impact and add rhythm. Choose from Nicky Romero’s 16 preset sidechain curves and adjust dodge strength with the large Mix knob.

Mobile Slope

New in Kickstart 2, you can now drag the slope of the curve left and right to have more control over the timing and shape of your sidechain impact.

Audio Output

Sync mode removes the signal at fixed intervals, but this can cause problems with complex beat patterns. Kickstart 2’s new audio trigger suppresses the signal on every hit, regardless of the complexity of the pattern. Feed your kick channel into the plugin’s external sidechain input, switch to Audio Trigger mode; The side chain curve will restart with each hit.

View of the shot

With your beat channel routed to Kickstart 2’s sidechain input, the new Kick View feature overlays the beat drum in yellow on the scope. Use this visual guide to lock the shape and groove of the side chain with your kick.

Band Section

Kickstart 2’s Band Split feature allows subtle sidechaining by attenuating only the low frequencies of a signal, leaving the mids and highs unchanged. This is perfect for creating space in the mix without noticeable pumping effects. Adjust the slider to set the cutoff point, avoiding the low end of the 808 while keeping the mids and highs of the sample.

Kickstart 2 can be used on any sound to create space in the mix or for rhythmic effects. Get creative with synchronized length values, cut curves to add rhythm, move the entire curve in subtle steps, and use MIDI triggering for unique gate patterns.

How To Use Nicky Romero KICK 2

In this paragraph, Nicky Romero Kick 2 returns with more presets – And this time for KICK 2!  Get 55 custom presets from Nikki’s own piggy bank, plus 47 click files that can be added to the kit’s presets. Developed in collaboration with producer Nicky Romero and Cableguys, Kickstart 2 is the fastest plugin for professional sidechaining. Lock in your kick and bass in seconds with this quick tutorial as Cableguys’ Joe Rossitter walks you through all the controls and new features.

How to hit hard with Sonic Academy Kick 2? Kick 2 is the best plugin I have used for synth kick purposes. Whether you use FL studio 12, ABLEton, Logic Pro X or Pro Tools, this tool is essential. The plugin’s features make it easy to create clean, punchy beats that are easy to mix and master.


  • Audio triggering – Any form of ducking that maintains to a kick pattern
  • Band Split – For “invisible” multiband ducking limiting to the bass
  • Movable Slope – Simply drag to adjust the sidechain to any length of kick.
  • Kick View – For ultimate accuracy, view the kick and bass waveforms together.
  • VST3, AAX, M1 Native, Resizable UI, Trigger Smoothing & more

Nicky Romero Kick 2 works with any PC or Mac DAW – FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, Pro Tools, etc. This is a VST, AU or AAX plug-in for Nicky Romero and Sonic Academy are pleased to present the Sonic Academy KICK Synth – Nicky Romero Artist Edition. This version of KICK includes over 40 kick drum presets designed by Nicky, as well as 32 custom click samples from his personal drum sample collection.

A custom-made Nicky Romero distortion unit is also included, designed to Nicky’s preferred tastes, allowing control over the amount of distortion, tone and mix, giving you complete control over the sound. Factory Bank contains over 200 beat presets divided into subcategories – Analog / Bass / Drum & Bass / House / Live / Perc / Techno / Trance and Trap.


  • 40 x Legacy Nicky Romero KICK Presets
  • 32 x Legacy Clicks
  • 15 x New Nicky Romero KICK Presets
  • 15 x New Clicks
  • 1 x Exclusive Nicky Romero Skin
  • Only for KICK 2!


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