Imperfect Samples Fazioli – Ebony Concert Grand Edition (KONTAKT)

By | September 4, 2020

fazioli piano sample

Imperfect Samples Fazioli Concert Grand Piano – The sound of this piano is deep, full, and epic with real action elements that can not be modeled using synthesis or modeling. Fazioli is desirable for situations where you want to have an expensive sound of a real grand piano. In addition to the main Tools, unusual instruments, repeat patterns with instruments, staccato, piano effects, piano beats, cover sounds, and more …

the Fazioli piano contains more than 70,000 samples. This library It is intended for use in pop, rock, orchestral, film, classical, jazz, and in almost any other genre, this selected piano library sounds like a living instrument.

Imperfect Samples’ FAZIOLI Ebony Concert Grand is the World’s Largest * sampled grand piano. Commanding a powerful and magnificent sound, this imposing hand-made Fazioli ten foot Grand Piano was created by the makers of the world’s most expensive grand pianos, and is considered by many to be the Elite of all grands.

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Imperfect Samples’ Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand. With a choice of 5 microphone perspectives, true staccato, release samples, direct picked strings, perfect and imperfect instruments, piano effects, muted keys, unmuted keys, piano body wood knocks, seat and lid sounds, and many more, the Imperfect Samples Fazioli contains over 70,000 samples. Visit for more details

This is a comparison between three VST piano samples that I like: Fazioli Concert Grand (Imperfect Samples)
The Grandeur (Native Instruments)
Steinway (Kollection Keys)
Thanks to Lorenzo Basaglia who played on this video, check out his channel at…
Original music STILL PICTURES OF LIFE sheet available now for free at

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