iZotope Presents RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.4.0 For Win

By | August 2, 2023

Introducing iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.4.0 for Windows – your ultimate solution for clean and pristine audio in post-production. Trusted by top professionals, this latest version comes packed with new features to address common repair problems in today’s projects, making it the go-to choice for audio post-production. And the best part? The new RX 10 Repair Assistant will be seamlessly integrated into your DAW, saving you time and keeping you in the creative flow.

iZotope Presents RX 10 Audio Editor

iZotope Presents RX 10 Audio Editor we’ve poured decades of research into developing RX 10, making it the most intuitive and intelligent version we’ve ever created. No matter if you’re working on a podcast, recording a band, or crafting a blockbuster movie, RX 10 will elevate your audio quality and captivate your audience with its powerful capabilities.

We understand that some users might not have been aware of the RX audio editor or were unsure of how to integrate it into their workflow. That’s why we’ve introduced the new Repair Assistant, now directly usable within your DAW, eliminating the need to transfer audio back and forth. With this intuitive tool, cleaning up audio has never been easier.

iZotope RX 10 Includes:

  • iZRX10 Ambience Match
  • iZRX10 Breath Control
  • iZRX10 Connect
  • iZRX10 De-click
  • iZRX10 De-clip
  • iZRX10 De-crackle
  • iZRX10 De-ess
  • iZRX10 De-hum
  • iZRX10 De-plosive
  • iZRX10 De-reverb
  • iZRX10 De-rustle
  • iZRX10 Dialogue Isolate
  • iZRX10 Guitar De-noise
  • iZRX10 Monitor
  • iZRX10 Mouth De-click
  • iZRX10 Music Rebalance
  • iZRX10 Music Rebalance ARA
  • iZRX10 Repair Assistant
  • iZRX10 Spectral De-noise
  • iZRX10 Spectral Editor
  • iZRX10 Voice De-noise

Initially designed for audio restoration, RX became an industry standard for audio repair in major post-production studios due to the rise of reality TV. Now, with more musicians and content creators incorporating RX into their daily work, we’ve enhanced the software with assistive technology to make audio cleanup a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer, a dialogue editor in post-production, or creating podcasts and YouTube videos, RX 10’s new tools will undoubtedly enhance your experience.

Today’s audio work is more remote and often requires lower-quality and lower-resolution deliverables. To address these challenges, iZotope Presents RX 10 Audio Editor is specifically designed to respond to the needs of dialogue editors. With enhanced assistive features, repairing audio on the fly has never been smoother. Additionally, new digital signal processing capabilities allow you to tackle even the most stubborn audio issues that call for resynthesis of fundamental frequencies.

We understand that time is of the essence in the fast-paced media world. Deadlines are tighter than ever, but quality audio remains a must. That’s why RX 10 introduces new time-saving features, making it easier to navigate dialogue, identify problem areas, and locate specific speakers. For those who may be new to audio editing, RX 10 includes a user-friendly first-time experience, ensuring you get up to speed quickly and edit like a pro in no time.

We’re thrilled to share all the exciting details about the powerful tools in RX 10 and showcase the latest innovations in audio repair. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to take your audio post-production to the next level with iZotope RX 10 Audio Editor Advanced v10.4.0 for Windows!

System Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Mac: macOS Catalina (10.15.7) – macOS Ventura (13.2.x) *
  • Windows: Windows 10 – Windows 11

*Supported on Intel Macs & Apple silicon Macs (M-series chips) in Rosetta and native.

Plug-in Formats:

AU, AAX, AAX Audiosuite*, VST3, AU ARA*.


  • All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.
  • RX 10 plug-ins are not available in VST2 format.
  • Spectral Editor & Music Rebalance ARA plug-ins are available in Logic Pro on Intel or Apple silicon Macs (in Rosetta only).
  • Ambience Match, Dialogue Isolate and De-rustle plug-ins are AAX Audiosuite for Pro Tools only.
  • Repair Assistant plug-in available as Audiosuite only in Pro Tools and VST3 & AU formats in other DAWs.


Logic Pro 10.6.3 – 10.7.x, Pro Tools 2021 – 2022, Ableton Live 11, Cubase 11 – 12, Nuendo 12, Studio One 5, Reaper 6, FL Studio 20, Audition CC 2022, Premiere Pro CC 2022.

RX Audio Editor Notes

RX 10 Elements consists of plug-ins only, the RX 10 Audio Editor application is not included with RX 10 Elements.

Plug-in Hosting

  • VST3 support is brand new in RX, and we’d love to hear your feedback! Click Help > Give Feedback in the RX Audio Editor to let us know if any plug-ins aren’t working.
  • For Intel Macs, and Apple Silicon Macs running RX in Rosetta: AU, VST2, & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.
  • For Apple Silicon Macs running RX natively: AU & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.
  • For Windows: VST2 & VST3 plug-ins can be hosted.

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