Loops De La Creme – Cymbal Essentials (KONTAKT)

By | February 11, 2024

Loops De La Creme – Cymbal Essentials (KONTAKT)

Publisher: Loops De La Creme
Website: href.li
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: This is the first product in the SILVER & GOLD series, a new line of premium cymbal and virtual instrument samples.
The included samples showcase a variety of gaming techniques and are recorded with great depth and detail in stereo and minimal ambience to ensure maximum flexibility and utility.

They are divided into 6 categories:
10 trips
16 Accidents (using both sticks, plastic rods and hammers)
9 HiHats (3 sets of closed, foot and open options)
7 Piatti (orchestral hand cymbals)
12 long rolls (using hammers)
8 splashes, bells and stacks (plates stacked on top of each other)
62 cymbal samples, (stereo 24 bit, 48 kHz wav)
15 IR samples (convolution reverb)

two Native Instruments KONTAKT patches:
1. basic set
2. Sound design
Total extracted file size: 191 MB

One of the included Kontakt patches is the core set: you’ll find all the samples mapped by key in five separate areas.
The second patch is sound design: it uses different sampling techniques (loop, roll, play backward…) to create new and original sounds.
10 different and complementary plates were selected to create this collection. Most of these are handcrafted, unique dulcimers, some of which are sought after collector’s items:

10″ Bronze Ice Bell:
thick high-strength cymbal effect, with long decay and icy overtone

12″ PAISTE Splash:
short and bright plate, great for accents

12″ vintage Avedis ZILJYAN:
Originally a 16″, this cymbal has been recut, and produces a sparse and funky gong-like sound

14 “ISTANBUL” super heavy pair:
Fantastic hi hat cymbal set, handmade in turkey, also great for crash or hand piati cymbals

14 “Avedis ZILJYAN:
soft, fine expressive collapse, with complex decay

16 “ZILJYAN K. Dark collapse:
excellent cymbal with a rich range of overtones, also ideal for muddy riding

16″ vintage Avedis ZILDJIAN wreck:
extremely versatile, perfect definition. A masterpiece of the great 60th jazz era Zildjian

18” BOSPHORUS paper thin accident:
a soft, dark and mystical plate, with intense decomposition. Ideal for rolls and orchestra settings

the definition of an extreme stick, amazingly powerful and effective when used as a crash


– 62 cymbal samples (stereo wav, 24 bit, 48 kHz)
– 2 Kontakt patches
– 15 IR samples (reverb impulse responses)
– user manual (pdf file)
2. Demo track CYMBAL ESSENTIAL in your choice of format.


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