Luftrum – Collection (Diva Presets, H2P)

By | December 9, 2023

Publisher : Luftrum Sound Design
Website : Luftrum
Format : SYNTH PRESET u-he Diva V1.4.5 , H2P

Description  :
My name is Soren aka. Luftrum, sound designer from Denmark. I can’t play a keyboard to save my life and I’m a terrible composer, but I make great synth presets and Kontakt instruments and my sounds can be heard on albums, games and films all over the world, such as What Happened to Monday, 50 Shades of Gray and Vikings, where I developed synth presets for composers heard on the original film soundtrack.

Luftrum – The collection contains 9 sound packs for different musical genres.
Some of these sound packs are from other companies such as BigTone, Sonic Underworld and The Unfinished.

How to install
Copy the folders from Luftrum – Collection and paste into
Windows users: C:\Users\Your name\Documents\u-he\\User presets
Mac users: /Users/[your name]/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/ [collapse]

Installing skin
Copy the Panes folder from u-he Diva skin and paste it into C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\u-he\\Data\Images and overwrite.
note. It will replace the default skin, so if you want to use the default skin, please make a backup of your Panes folder before pasting.

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