Organic Loops – Blues Harp (WAV, REX)

By | December 23, 2023

Organic Loops – Blues Harp (WAV, REX)

Publisher: Organic Loops
Format: WAV, REX
Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | mono/stereo

Description :
Organic Loops is proud to present a new collection of blues samples for producers working in film and TV, urban and dance genres, and looking for blues harmonica. The collection contains over 300 MB of Mouth Organ phrases recorded as loops using a variety of blues harmonicas, Fender Tweed, Bass Man, guitar effects and amps.

Content :
195 Blue Harp Wav Loops
195 Rex2 Files

Additional Information :
Organic Loops is proud to present a brand new collection of Rootsy Blues samples for producers working in TV and Film, Urban or Dance looking for 100% Royalty Free loops of one of the Blues most distinct sounds, The Blues Harp.
Blues Harp Features over 380Mb of Mouth Organ licks recorded in in loops of 3, 4, and 8 bars. The pack was recorded using half a dozen blues Harps, a Fender Tweed, a Bass Man, and a pedal rack that would make a lead guitar player damp, all running through some Fine class A pre-amps into Protools HD where it was meticulously edited , giving you access to a colorful collection of authentic Blues Harp
Expect to hear crying Blues melodies, clean cuts, chugged riffs and rhythms and crunchy raw amped loops that are rich with character and style.
Many of the loops feature a clean version and a distorted (amped) version, recorded across the L R stereo field allowing you to mono and duplicate the tracks and mix in the amount of effect signal you desire.
Due to the nature of the instrument and playing style you may find the loops sound better if nudged forward or back a beat, we have purposely cut everything to full bars to make it easier to move around but if a loop isn’t quite sitting, experiment with moving it around with a whole beat quantize on.
Blues Harp weighs in at 382 MB and features 195 loops recorded at 24Bits and between 90 -140 Bpm. Apple Loops, are also available to purchase separately.
Blues Harp is a fantastically played and recorded selection of royalty free samples, with inspirational melodies and authentic blues style.
Check out the demos and download the free to use taster pack then get ready to sample Organic Loops Blues Harp today!

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