pierre bourne nexus expansion

Pierre Bourne Nexus Expansion ElextraX Bank Download Latest

pierre bourne nexus expansion

Publisher : Pierre Bourne
Website : sellfy


  • Publisher : zJakkies
  • Format : SYNTH PRESET .FXP, wav
  • Quality : 16-24 bit 44.1-32 kHz stereo
  • For : ElectroX
  • Size : 45.8 MB
  • Alternative source : CLOUD

Description :

pierre bourne nexus expansion is an extension pack for the ELEXTrAX virtual synthesizer. Contains 11 arps, 10 cries, 24 pads, 12 keyboards, 5 bells, 7 leads, 5 bass, 6 guitars, 4 effects, 6 sequences, 3 trasgate.

Over 50 presets and a drumkit inspired by Young Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne’s “Sli’merre” Album. Includes a remake of “Long Ride” FLP for FL Studio users. Every sound has that special vibe that Pi’erre Bourne likes to use. Every preset from the album was resynthesized from SCRATCH! NO RECYCLED SOUNDS. There are arps, leads, keys, bass, pads, and bells.

Exciting collaboration:

  1. Unique Presets: Explore a collection of meticulously crafted presets that encompass Pierre Bourne’s sonic aesthetic. From punchy drums and 808s to atmospheric pads and melodic leads, this expansion pack covers a diverse range of sounds to suit any production style.
  2. Signature Drum Kits: Get your hands on exclusive drum kits that feature the crisp and knocking drum sounds that Pierre Bourne is known for. These carefully curated kits will help you achieve the hard-hitting impact that makes his beats stand out.
  3. Melodic Loops and Samples: Dive into a selection of captivating melodic loops and samples, carefully designed to inspire creativity. From catchy melodies to atmospheric textures, these sounds will provide the foundation for your next chart-topping hit.
  4. Textured Effects: Enhance your tracks with a range of unique and innovative sound effects. These carefully crafted effects will add depth, movement, and character to your productions, allowing you to create captivating transitions and build-ups.

With the Pierre Bourne Nexus Expansion – ElextraX Bank, you’ll have a powerful arsenal of sounds at your fingertips, all infused with the distinctive touch of Pierre Bourne. This collaboration promises to unlock new creative possibilities, allowing you to craft music that stands out in a crowded industry.

If you’re a fan of Pierre Bourne’s music or simply looking to add fresh and innovative sounds to your productions, this Nexus expansion pack is definitely worth checking out. Be prepared to push the boundaries of your music and elevate your production game to the next level!

This Drumkit + ElectraX Bank comes with 135 files + 24 presets for ElectraX:

• 808s (10+)
• Chantz (5+)
• Claps & Snares (25+)
• Hi-Hats (20+)
• Kicks (10+)
• Percs (40)
• ElectraX Custom Presets (24)


Copy the folder with the presets in C: \ Program Files \ VSTPlugins \ ElectraX_sounds pierre bourne nexus expansion torrent.

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