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By | August 30, 2020

prominy hummingbird demo

Publisher : Prominy
Website : Prominy
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :

Prominy Hummingbird – Ultra Real-Sounding Virtual Acoustic Guitar – includes approx. 80GB *, 89,000 samples.
tracks that imitate real acoustic guitar playing!

A video demo for the virtual acoustic guitar instrument; Prominy Hummingbird

composed by Hozo Okazaki For details about the product, please go to;

Main Features:

– Incredible real-time playability – Hummingbird SPI (Super     Performance Instrument)
– Fretboard Monitor
– Realtime Legato Slide / Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off
– Intelligent Instrument Key Switch with chord recognition
– Real sampled chords
– Real emulated chords
– User Chord
– True stereo recording
– Double-tracking
– A large number of guitar percussion samples
– Customizable Strum Key
– Arpeggio Key
– Auto Stroke Detection
– NKS (Native Kontrol Standard ®) ready
Data size: 40.3 GB (= 80 GB * of 44 kHz / 24 bit .wav files)
This version requires Kontakt Player (or Kontakt Full) 5.7.3 or later!

Additional Information:

Incredible real-time playability – Prominy Hummingbird SPI (Super Performance Instrument) With Hummingbird SPI, you can play ultra-realistic acoustic guitar performance in real-time. Guitar tracks tracks very quickly.
Single note, Emulated 2-strings dyad chords (2nd, 2nd, 2nd 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th, 6th, 7th, maj7th, octave), Sampled real chords (octave, major, minor, 7th, m7, maj7, add9, sus4, 9th, m7 (9), maj7 (9), dim7, aug, open / low chords, etc., Emulated chords (major, minor, 7th, m7, maj7, add9, sus4, 7sus4, 9th, # 9, m7 (9), maj7 (9), dim, dim7, m7-5, aug, open / low chords, etc.), User chords (User Chords Editor) .), Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off, Realtime Legato Slide, Vibrato, Trill, Picking Tremolo, Mute & picking noise, Gliss down, Natural Harmonics, Percussion, Fret noise, Pick stop noise, Bridge mute noise, Release noise, Position change noise, Special FX, etc ..
You can play ultra realistic acoustic guitar performance in real-time!
Fretboard monitor. The SPI automatically selects the line. You can also change switches. The Fretboard Monitor visualizes the current fret position / playing technique you are playing.

Intelligent Instrument Key Switch with chord recognition
You can instantly select an instrument (articulation) using the Instrument Select Key Switches. You can create your own key switch mapping. It can be used to select a key switch range. In other words, you don’t need to memorize the key switches for the chord instruments. Just hold the chord.

Real sampled chords:

The tracks are really convincing. (octave, major, minor, 7th, m7, maj7, add9, sus4, 9th, m7 (9), maj7 (9), dim7, aug, open / low chords, etc.) Hummingbird includes recorded (in other words, ‘pre-recorded’ or ‘pre-played’) chord samples. You can instantly access the various types of guitar chords. This is a huge number of real chord samples.

Real Emulated Chords:

Thoughts are available with the emulated chords. If you’re playing emulated chords.
minor 2nd dyad, 3rd 3rd dyad, 3rd 3rd dyad, 5th dyad flat, 5th dyad, # 5th-dyad, 6th dyad, maj7th-dyad, octave -dyad, major, minor, 7th, m7, maj7, add9, sus4, 7sus4, 9th, # 9, m7 (9), maj7 (9), dim, dim7, m7 (b5), aug, open / low chords, etc.

User Chord:

User Chord Editor allows you to make your own chord. Each string is played using the User Chord Editor. (For example, normal sustain or mute or picking noise, always play open string regardless of the position, strum or not, root string, etc.)
A large number of guitar percussion samples
Prominy Hummingbird includes a larger number of percussion samples (for example, hitting, tapping, knocking);

Customizable Strum Key:

If you’re the one who played the chord editor, you can’t make it.
Arpeggio key
Arpeggio Key is a key for each string. It can be used for a chord instrument.

True Stereo Recording:

The samples were recorded using three microphones; microphones for stereo recording, and one large diaphragm microphone for monaural recording. Double-Tracking instrument is available (see below).

Double Tracking:

In addition to the stereo sound of the recorded stereo sound, Double-Tracking instruments are available. ‘Double-Tracking’ is a technique that is frequently used in recording guitar tracks. It gives the track a nice track, wide-spread stereo images and thickness. With Hummingbird SPI, you can easily use it. No identical samples are played simultaneously in both channels. Your double-tracking.

Realtime Legato Slide / Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off
It is up to you to make it easy to use it. Hammer-on & Pull-off samples are real recorded samples as well. Real Time Legato Slide is available with FX instruments and Percussions. Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off is available with single note instrument.

Auto Stroke Detection:

With the SPI’s Auto Stroke Detection feature Can you control the stroke direction manually.
NKS (Native Kontrol Standard ®) ready
Hummingbird officially supports NKS (Native Kontrol Standard ®) that allows for a seamless and seamless interaction between Hummingbird and KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware. You can control major parameters via KOMPLETE KONTROL S series keyboard / Maschine hardware and software. KOMPLETE KONTROL
Prominy Hummingbird v1.2.0
– New feature; ‘forced hammer-on / pull-off’
– New chord presets; m11th (5 chord shapes), 9sus4 (5 chord shapes)
– When the hybrid switch is selected, the sampled chord is played. (In the previous versions, the skip is just ignored if the hybrid mode is selected.)
In some situations.
– It is a selectable case of choice.
– minor fixes

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