Slate Digital Infinity EQ

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Slate Digital Infinity EQ

Slate Digital Infinity EQ Sound processing software developer Slate Digital has released a versatile 24-band graphic equalizer Infinity EQ that offers an intuitive interface and has a number of optimizations for working with mouse and touch screens.

Slate Digital allows you to switch any of the bands for processing Mid, Side, Left, Right, Stereo channels and link multiple bands into groups for overall impact on the desired frequencies. Other features of the program include: a real-time analyzer, a set of filters, the ability to block bands, a Band Solo function, a scalable interface, many presets.

Optimize your workflow

The Slate Digital Infinity EQ is all about workflow. Its intuitive interface is laid out to minimize mouse movements, with tight groupings for related functions and no right-click drop-down menus. Double-click on any point to create one of up to 24 filter bands, and use the sliders that hover above or below the band to shape the slope and adjust the Q. For pinpoint listening, you can click the headphone icon to solo a band. And, the Infinity EQ lets you affect multiple bands simultaneously by selecting and linking band groups. Paired with automation, the tone-shaping possibilities of the Infinity EQ are nearly limitless.

Digital Infinity EQ Plug-in Features:

  • 24-band graphical drag-style EQ
  • Designed to streamline your workflow
  • Remarkably transparent zero-latency analog matching filters
  • Compact control groupings minimize mouse clicks
  • Band solo function for pinpoint listening
  • Group bands for simultaneous control
  • Packed with helpful presets
  • M/S and L/R processing capability
  • Concurrent cut and boost on low and high shelves

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