SoundMod – SM Tritone Multiband Waveshaper v1.1.4 Reason RE x64

By | October 21, 2021

SoundMod – SM Tritone Multiband Waveshaper 1.1.4

SoundMod – SM Tritone Multiband Waveshaper 1.1.4 Reason RE x64

SM Tritone Multiband Waveshaper is a multi-band waveform shaper that splits the signal into three separate bands and applies an individual shaping algorithm with a set of controls available for each band, thus creating rich overtones. Convert simple voices to complex ones, add punch to your guitar and bass line, wreck drum beats, make your sounds thicker and create movement. This is what Tritone will do for you.

The SoundMod Tritone is not only a great looking wave shaper, it also sounds great and is designed to give you better control over distorted sounds. Its flexible controls give you the ability to completely change the character of the incoming sound with just a few tweaks.

Free Waveshaper VST:

Just warm up your sound by overloading the input signal. Enhance dynamics and movement with the envelope follower modulator. Convert harmonic content from one to the other using the crossover controls. Control the overall tone and harmonic content by applying different waveforming algorithms on individual bands. Get better control over the generated signal. This is what Tritone is capable of.

Some of these algorithms (most of them) we have seen before in the small waveshaping section that Thor includes after filter 1, in SM Tritone an asymmetry control is added, which makes the wave alter differently when the signal is positive or negative.

The rest of the controls are:

  • Drive, increases the input level of that band thereby increasing the amount of distortion applied to the wave.
  • Blend. a dry / wet to mix the raw signal with the processed signal.
  • Level. output volume of each band independently.

At this point the three bands are mixed again and leave the device, applying a band limiter, which despite what that name usually means, does not act on the signal level as a dynamics process, but rather refers to that limits (reduces) the width of the 3 bands, sonically, is a tone control, which allows to make the sound brighter or duller.

The EF modulator section is an “Envelope Follower” that is fed by the input signal before passing through the splitter, but that can be configured differently for each band, being able to modulate the Level or Blend controls.
On the back there is a good assortment of connections. we have CV inputs for the crossover points and for the four controls of each band, which each have their own independent stereo audio output.

SM Tritone Multiband Waveshaper modulator section has a CV output with the signal it generates and an audio input so that modulation occurs with an external audio source instead of the input signal to the SM Tritone. By the way, as the waveshape effect usually causes aliasing problems, SM Tritone includes an antialiasing, although those of Sound Mod recommend using it only when it is really necessary (during audio export) since it increases CPU consumption.

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