Soniccouture Torrent – Vibraphone v2.0.0 (KONTAKT)

By | August 23, 2020

vibraphone vst free

Publisher : Soniccouture
Website : soniccouture torrent
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description :

Soniccouture Torrent introduces Vibraphone, a vibraphone sample library. Essentially a mechanized version of a classic 20th century metallophone, the vibraphone adds constant modulation to its resonating tubes with motorized blades, that open and close the holes in the resonators located under the keys. Thereby create a vibrating effect and surround sound.

Soniccouture Vibraphone v2.0.0 sampled the vibraphone twice, with the blades open and closed with the engine turned off. Using the LFO, you can achieve not only an authentic timbre, but also control the tremolo speed.

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Solo Vibraphone:

Hello everybody I am Nick from cinematic instrum. Today we’re going to take a look at our newest instrument the solo vibraphone fl studio. It is a really rich and brilliant sounding instrument and part of a new fine mellotts bundle as you can see here.

Kontakt Factory Vibraphone:

kontakt factory vibraphone contains three different articulations. So let’s check out the first one which is mellotts this is the standard articulation, which also includes some nice features that allow you to create a really interesting and realistic sound.
Virtual Vibraphone:
For example you can add a nice vibrato virtual vibraphone by using the mod wheel or you can enable the tremolo feature by clicking here so the instrument will play a second note whenever you release the key and you can either play sustain notes and then adjust the length with this controller here.
Vibraphone Vst Free:
You can use vibraphone vst free for pedal sustain which enables your sustain pedal to either mute or unmute the notes we also included some nice effects for example a chorus or an octaver so you can achieve a really wide sound.
Vibraphone Vst:
In best vibraphone vst change up this sound and we also added this small but powerful appreciator here and you can mess around with the velocities and drawing your own patterns and you can also double or half the speed and you can mess with the voicings here.
Vibraphone Kontakt Free:
But check out the vibraphone kontakt free for further information. As always we included a range of great sounding reverbs. For example this haul this one is my favorite here. This is our new infinite reverb it turns a few notes in a huge soundscape and that’s it for the first articulation so let’s hop over to the next one which is boat.
Vibraphone Samples:
Vibraphone Samples lets you create a really unique sound which is extremely soothing just listen to it. Of course you can still use all the other features of the instrument and just get inspired this beautiful sound.
That’s all online vibraphone is to the boat articulation. So we finally get to the most interesting part which is the prepared articulation. Clicking here a whole new menu opens up and we actually prepared the vibraphone with a lot of different things.
Cinematique Instruments Vibraphone is the most interesting sounds and recorded them. For example a coin and we took a spoon and a spatula a washer and a fold paper and you can play all of these preparations.
Vibraphone Kontakt Player:
Choose a custom vibraphone kontakt player, you click random you get a really colorful keyboard because each note is assigned to another preparation each color represents.
Marimba Sound Library:
Now press the marimba sound library and then choose one of them every key you press is then assigned to the chosen preparation and as long as the sign is activated.
Jazz Kontakt Library:
You can keep on overriding jazz kontakt library and in this way you can create your own custom preparation just click assign once more and in set so you can create some really experimental music with disarticulation.
Vsl Vibraphone ios:
But also each of the vsl vibraphone ios on its own offers really nice sounds I think that’s it I hope you could see how versatile this instrument actually is but don’t forget how good even the first articulations sounds on its own thanks a lot for watching I hope you enjoyed my quick little walk to check out the website for more information and audio demos.

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