Sound Arte – Nuovo PadsHeaven 1-3 For UHE ZEBRA2 (SYNTH PRESET)

By | January 23, 2024

Sound Arte – Nuovo PadsHeaven 1-3 For UHE ZEBRA2 (SYNTH PRESET)

Publisher: Sound Arte

Sound Arte Nuovo PadsHeaven 2 – A collection of useful lyrical and dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes for the Zebra 2 VSTI. Padsheaven has 128 presets, including 96 pads and 32 add-ons of leads, plucks, basses and drum/percussion sounds. Patches are descriptively named and categorized for ease of use and have Velocity, Aftertouch, PitchBend and Modulation Wheel parameters and each patch contains detailed information about what parameter is assigned and how the sound was designed or intended to be played. In this set you can find beautiful pads that can be used in almost all styles from classic pop/rock ballads to moviecores or even the most modern compositions.
Sound Arte Nuovo PadsHeaven 3 – Huge, detailed, finely selected selection of energetic, lyrical, dramatic pads, drones, sweeping atmospheres. Plus, you’ll get 32 inspiring arpeggio/rhythm presets! Total 150 unique patches!

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