SymLink Installer (VST) – Plugin Bundle – NO INSTALL, Psychic Modulation [WiN]

By | March 26, 2022


Year / Release Date : 10.2019
Developer : Psychic Modulation
Developer’s site : psychicmodulation
Format : VSTi,
Bit : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : Ne required
System Requirements : Windows 7+

Description :

Psychic Modulation – Cubix (x86)
Psychic Modulation – TimeShifter2 (x86)
Psychic Modulation – Metatron (x86)
Psychic Modulation – Construct 1.0
Psychic Modulation – EchoMelt 2.0.1
Psychic Modulation – VectoMelt 1.0
Psychic Modulation – Phonec 2 v2.4
Psychic Modulation – PulseCode 1.2
*** Brutalist Drums Expansion Pack for PulseCode

See how to install VST plugins NO INSTALL symlink installer in FL studio! My subscriber ran into a problem when installing plugins marked but install, which are often supplemented by Simlink …

I think that he is not the only one who is afraid of such Installation Contact 5.7.3 SymLink Installer options. Although such an installation seems to be the fastest, easiest and was created specifically to save space on the system disk .


I decided to deal with what plugins to install issue once and for all and show how, what and where to install all this. I want to remind you right away that there is the easiest way.

solutions to this – supposedly problem:
This is to find the same versions of plugins, only with the installer …
Yes, these are not always available, but still, you can try to search! Although in fact, after watching this video – you don’t need it!

Directory Symbolic Links:

I show you how to use Symbolic Links (SymLinks) to make a установка плагинов to save the User Presets to the MyDocuments folder instead of the proprietary default location. Move a folder drop a link in place of it pointing to the new location with no path change.

Установка Kontakt 5.7.3 SymLink Installer:

Great for Spectrasonics Omnisphere Steam directory, Ableton Live Library Folder, Zebra 2 Presets Library, Kick 2 User Presets Folder, Serum Preset Library, and Установка Kontakt 5.7.3 SymLink Installer. Use for any purpose where you want to save somewhere else but can’t change the original path.

Is SymLink Installer Safe:

Other uses: you want to eliminate writes to an SSD drive, so create a symlink on the SSD pointing to a new location on a spinning hard drive (mechanical hard drive) or if you ran out of space on one drive, you can move the save to folder to another drive by dropping a symLink installer on the original drive that points to the new drive.

symlink installer c’est quoi is symlink installer safe symlink installer как установить install symlink chromium install symlinks install symlinks can you symlink a symlink.

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