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Umru Sample Pack – Splice Sounds – Cache (WAV)

Publisher : Splice Sounds Website : Splice Sounds Format : WAV Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo Description:  Umru Sample Pack search engine has been optimized from birth,” says Umru’s Twitter biography. In addition to their unique name, there are several explanations for the Estonian American manufacturer to quickly hit the top of your Google list.   After the waves turned the living Citi Bike Lido into a crazy, bell ringing intruder, umru sound cache zip performed on the west and east coasts and released a remix for, among others, Y2 Kand Kid Froopy. Don’t pay too much attention to vague sound design to limit Umru to any genre, whether it’s future bass, traps or hip hop. He has collaborated closely with a team of “scientists, music therapists and shamans” to create an… Read More »