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Waves Mercury Complete v8.0.11 – Audioplugins.net

Description: waves mercury complete v8 is a price package and arguably the most popular plugin editing. This package has everything you need to learn information and audio! Compressors, equalizers, maximizers, limiters, analytics tools, editing plug-ins, vocals, guitar, drums and more. This kit covers all of this company’s available add-ons, and is likely to cover nearly all of a mechanical sound and mastering engineer’s needs. Waves Design, Signature Series, Compressors, Locks, DeEssers, Limiters, Equalizers, Reverbs & Delays, Effects, Surround, Restorasi, Speech, Pitch & Time, Meters, StereoImaging, MaxxBass … System requirements: Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz / AMD Athlon 32/64 or equivalent 1 GB RAM for XP 2 GB… Read More »