Togu Audio Line TAL-Sampler 3.7.1 (VSTi, AAX, AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | January 4, 2021

TAL-Sampler 2.4.6

Year / Release Date : 12.2018
Version : 3.7.1
Developer : Togu Audio Line
Developer Website : tal-software
Format : VSTi, AAX, AU
Digit capacity : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : present
System requirements : Windows XP or higher (32/64 bit)
OSX: OSX 10.7 or higher (32/64 bit).
AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or highe

Description : TAL-Sampler is not just a sample player. This is a full-fledged analog synthesizer with a sampling engine as a sound source. which includes a powerful modulation matrix and high-quality 24/12/6 dB low pass filters. Don’t expect to see a 40 GB piano sample library or something like that here. The idea of ​​the instrument is to return the sampling of the good old days with the help of small samples, fast load times and an intuitive workflow to create your own sounds, without fear of losing your settings. The tool allows you to choose different digital analog converters (DAC), and load up to 4 layers simultaneously, plus tal-sampler has support for SFZ.

About content:

• Factory Library – Factory Presets consists of:
Classic 80s
EmptyVessel :
– bass
– Chords_Stabs
– Drums
– FX
– lead
– pad
– RhythmicLoops
 Hollowsun Presets :
These libraries look like a museum of vintage electronic instruments: Fairlight, Emulator, PPG Wave, Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, drum machines, even old vintage keyboards such as Fender Rhodes, Hammond organs, Hohner Clavinet and Pianet, ARP Solina, Eminent, and some others that you don’t even know they exist.
Ametrine Audio Ice pads
Bell Tones Ametrine Audio Samples
Joel’s Retrograde Soundset : Mini Soundset with Samples from DX7 by Joel Dreaver
Kawai K1 Single Cycle Wavs
TAL sampler patches upload3 : Pro53 samples by Eppo Schaap
Trevor Flavors 2 : Orchestra hit presets by Diderique
80s Core Drums by Quickmix

Key features:
Vintage DAC modes (Emu II, AM6070, S1000, Sample Hold, Linear, Clean).
Steep 96dB low-pass reconstruction filter (Emu II and AM6070 F).
Variable sample rate.
Powerful MOD-Matrix.
Four sample layers.
Three AHDSR envelopes with vintage Digital / RC mode.
Three LFO’s (Triangle, Saw, Rectangle, Random, Noise).
High Quality effects (Reverb, EQ, Delay).
Self resonating zero feedback delay filter (24/12/6 dB LP, HP, BP, AP, Notch).
Wide range of audio formats supported (* .wav, * .aiff, * .aif, * .mp3, * .ogg, * .flac).
Scalable high resolution user interface.
The possibility to change the font and background color.
Fast sample and preset loading.
SFZ and SF2 sample import.

Features of Togu Audio Line TAL-Sampler

  • Vintage DAC modes (Emu II, AM6070, S1000, Sample Hold, Linear, Clean)
  • Steep 96dB low-pass reconstruction filter (Emu II and AM6070 F)
  • Variable sample rate
  • Powerful MOD-Matrix
  • Four sample layers
  • Three AHDSR envelopes with vintage Digital / RC mode
  • Three LFO’s (Triangle, Saw, Rectangle, Random, Noise)
  • High Quality effects (Reverb, EQ, Delay)
  • Self resonating zero feedback delay filter (24/12/6 dB LP, HP, BP, AP, Notch)
  • Wide range of audio formats supported (.wav, .aiff, .aif, .mp3, .ogg, .flac)
  • Scalable high resolution user interface
  • The possibility to change font and background color
  • Fast sample and preset loading
  • SFZ and SF2 sample import
  • More than 100 presets available as download (on the right)
 Because of the TAL-Sampler programming group, we approach all free and premium modules. We burned through no time giving them a shot and were stunned at what they have to bring to the table.

What is a togu audio tal synthesizer?

At the point when you play a guitar string, it vibrates, and those vibrations venture out through the air to the eardrum. Synthesizers mimick this cycle through their electrical segments. Voltage controlled oscillators create a waveform that is then prepared by synthesizer controls, for example, the LFO or the envelope generator to change pitch, pitch and tone. The sound is intensified and sent through an amplifier.

There are new synthesizers or advanced samplers available today with new sounds and tones that tal samples will satisfy your ears. The music is repetitive as well, and driving entertainers like Moog, Roland, and Korg attempt to reproduce these nostalgic tones. We checked a couple on the channel previously.

Tal sampler has made an incredible present day module that imitates old wavetable synthesizers known as EMU and Ensoniq, for instance. Not exclusively did tal sampler presets expertly set up an advanced module utilizing existing wavetables, they likewise imitated the hints of the DAC chips on those old synthesizers, which is interesting.

TAL v2 has a respectable sound library included, yet they concede you shouldn’t anticipate 40GB of piano solid examples. All things considered, they attempt to reproduce the quick stacking, simple to-play fun of the days of yore.

The time and detail tal sampler tutorial took for the togu audio line tal-sampler programming to copy the various reactions to the simple to-computerized converter chips is really astonishing. Presently it is totally conceivable to reproduce exemplary sounds from equipment synthesizers or samplers directly in your DAW.

In the event that you address somebody who utilized advanced sound systems from the get-go, tal sampler sale will reveal to you how remarkable the converters sounded. They all had their own surface. I don’t know about some other module tal sampler packs that can adequately convey these surfaces.

There are a few capacities and capacity settings to satisfy your ears. Take a gander at them. Vintage DAC modes (Emu II, AM6070, S1000, Sample Hold, Linear, Clean). Steep low-pass remaking channel with 96 dB (Emu II and AM6070 F). Variable examining recurrence. Amazing MOD lattice tal sampler manual.

Four example layers.

  1. Three AHDSR envelopes with Vintage Digital/RC mode.
  2. Three LFOs (triangle, saw, square shape, arbitrary, commotion).
  3. Top notch impacts (reverb, equalizer, delay).
  4. Self-full defer channel without input (24/12/6 dB LP, HP, BP, AP, Notch).

An assortment of sound organizations is upheld (* .wav, * .aiff, * .aif, * .mp3, * .ogg, * .flac). Versatile, high-goal UI. The capacity to change the text style and foundation tone. Quick stacking of tests and presets. Burden SFZ presets (up to 4 layer tests and mappings). Import of SF2 tests (mappings and tests up to 4 layers).

More than 100 presets are accessible in the example library.

TAL-Sampler is accessible in the configurations VST, Audio Unit and AAX Plug-In. You can utilize your own examples in any configuration (* .wav, * .aiff, * .aif, * .mp3, * .ogg, * .flac). Tal sampler aax module is for those of you who like late 80s dance, exemplary daze, old school hardware, and exemplary EDM. In tal sampler library you’re attempting to copy those ageless sounds this module offers you something remarkable and cool in light of the fact that all things considered, you can get a portion of those extraordinary sounds that everybody will perceive. I believe tal-sampler version a standout amongst other model modules that offers something that I haven’t discovered elsewhere.

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