Vandria TH Studio Production – Epic Cinematic Vocal Library (KONTAKT)

By | July 2, 2020


Publisher : TH Studio Production (vandria)
Website : Kontakthub
Format : KONTAKT 5.8.1+
Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description :

TH Studio Production is an epic cinematic vocal library “vandria”. Singer Megi Angelova was born in Bulgaria, a singer / songwriter living in London, UK. Based on her own potential as a musician and artist, she has always been fascinated by the art and music that inspire her to go beyond and experiment with different styles of music, vocals, lyrics, musical instruments and sound effects.

Vandria Gilmadrith was the daughter of the union of the ruler of all elves, Corell Lartian and the dark elf goddess Araushni before her betrayal, and then exiled from the Seldarine. She was the goddess of the Seldarine, or war, sorrow, guardianship, justice, vigilance, and judgment. Elven patron of war.

Vocal Whispers Phrases

“As long as you can remember, the call of adventure has reverberated deep within your soul. Now you are here, ready to go where only the foolhardy and the mad dare tread” – Genosha: The Corvian Pale

The voice of the Bulgarian singer Megi Angelova

Born in Bulgaria, Megi Angelova is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK. Coming from a background of musicians and artists she always has been fascinated by art and music which inspires her to look beyond the frames and to experiment with different styles of music, vocals, lyrics, musical instruments and sound effects.

Content Native Instruments Kontakt v5.8.1:

Format: Native Instruments Kontakt
  • 17 x Native Instruments Kontakt Instruments
  • (2 Types Vocal Legato) Vandria torrent
  • (2 Types Vocal Legato Portamento)
  • (2 Types Vocal Legato Sustain)
  • (Vocal Music Phrases – Cm / C # m / G # m / Hm)
  • (Vocal Whispers Phrases)
  • (Vandria Pad)
  • 48.1kHz / 24-Bit High Quality
  • PC & Mac Compatible

Requirements of TH Studio Production:

Native Instruments Kontakt v5.8.1 + Or Higher. EPIC CINEMATIC VOCAL LIBRARY 660+ Sounds 96 Khz 24 Bit 3.41 GB Uncompressed 

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